The secrets behind a youthful face

While skin care is a key part of healthy, youthful looking skin there are some other really important, very accessible ways that enable women to look so much younger than their age. Let’s start with attitude! The way we see life – as either an exciting open journey or a closed book with ageing as a burden. If we see life as an exciting journey we will endeavour to make every day an interesting step in that journey. We will be open to meeting new people and trying new things. We will take (calculated!) risks and our lives will continue to be an adventure. We will not have thoughts about limitations but rather about possibilities. The look on our faces demonstrates which attitude we choose (and it is a choice!). No amount of cosmetics will hide that! Secondly, healthy and youthful skin requires a healthy lifestyle. This is much easier than it may seem. Daily exercise, healthy food, no smoking – how difficult is that really? We have a choice to either treat our bodies as temples or amusement parlours! We don’t necessarily need to go to a gym – our homes can be our gyms and we can save money at the same time! This is as simple as walking every day wherever we can and doing some manual work (perhaps vacuuming the house, washing the car, gardening). You may be thinking  “I don’t have time” but think about the things you do have time for like meeting with and talking to friends, going to the supermarket or fresh food store etc. We can actually choose to meet our friends for walks, instead of the cafe, and achieve two goals at once! We can walk instead of driving to many places. We can adopt a policy of doing rather than watching others do! In Australia the choices around healthy food are incredible – we’re so fortunate to have an abundance of fruit, vegetables, nuts, chicken, fish and meat readily available which means it should be easy to avoid sugar, preservatives and the like. None of the above are revolutionary ideas but they will contribute to healthier, more youthful skin. One of our favourite thoughts is this – attributable to Oprah Winfrey: ‘The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change her/his future by merely changing her/his attitude!’