Wrinkle-free habits

At griffin+row, we are proud to say that our products not only fight wrinkles but minimise their formation. We strongly believe that beautiful skin does not have to be complicated or cost the earth. Our five-step routine can be used by all skin types and ages to nurture and maintain smooth and radiant skin. Yet there is more to skin care than just the products we put on our face. In fact, sometimes we can be doing things that exacerbate the lines we see. Everyday things like how we sleep can have a huge impact on how and where wrinkles might form. Here are four habits to help you on your way to smoother, younger looking skin.

Don’t over wash

Whilst it’s a classic mistake that many people make, excessive washing can be very detrimental to your skin’s health. It weakens the protective moisture barrier, leaving skin unable to retain moisture. This lack of hydration leads to problems at a cellular level; they are unable to repair and rejuvenate at full capacity. This can, in turn, lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

Sleep on your back

Were you aware that the way you sleep can lead to wrinkles? When you lay in a particular position for an extended period of time, you naturally develop lines where you have pressure. People who sleep on their side, for example, often develop wrinkles on the cheeks or chin while those who sleep facing down can create a furrowed brow. Try sleeping on your back; it leaves your face free of any pressure and improves your breathing whilst asleep!

No more squinting

If you are constantly squinting to read or see things, it may be time for an appointment with the optometrist. Squinting overworks certain facial muscles, particularly around the eye and forehead area which, over time, leads to permanent lines.

Quit smoking

Setting aside the enormity of other health concerns that come with smoking, it is also incredibly detrimental to your skin. On top of the internal damage, it wreaks which shows itself through the colour, texture and overall health of your skin, it’s been suggested that lines around the mouth develop faster in those who smoke. The frequent pursing of the lips around the cigarette can create permanent lines. It’s time to say goodbye to cigarettes for good and hello to beautiful, smooth skin!