Watch out for harmful chemicals in your skincare products

At griffin+row, we have always promoted the fact that skincare is about healthcare. Skincare is not a fashion item. Today Tonight (Channel 7 – July 2015) presented some very interesting facts:
  • The average woman applies over 500 chemicals to her body every day.
  • We absorb these chemicals into our system,
  • What we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in our bodies.
  • These harmful chemicals are responsible for the rise in allergies, redness, ‘angry’ skin and even cancer.
  • Over a year we absorb up to 2 kilos of these chemicals into our bodies.
  • Consumers are becoming more conscious and seeking natural products.
This is the griffin+row message – treat your skin with care, like you would any other organ in your body, and use products free of harmful chemicals. Our products are based on natural plant extracts known for their health promoting properties.