Why you should be using a natural cleanser

Cleansing. It’s the first step in any skincare routine but one that is often overlooked in its overall importance. We know that we ought to remove our makeup and wash away any dirt, oil, and debris. But there is far more to cleansing than a simple wash. The product you use in the first step of your skincare can determine the entire state of your skin. It’s the difference between dull, overworked and irritated skin that cannot absorb product and skin that is bright, glowing and functions at its full capacity. Are you stuck with that squeaky-clean feeling after cleansing? Is your skin feeling parched until you finally apply your moisturiser? Do you find that your skin feels tight and mask-like? Are you slathering on products and unable to see any results to show for it? Are you consistently playing by the ‘skincare rules’ and still experiencing ongoing concerns such as dryness, acne or redness? It’s time to look at your cleanser. Opting for a natural cleanser can remove many of the harmful toxins and irritants that are likely to be affecting your skin. These days, many commercially made cleansers are filled with synthetic ingredients. It’s true that they are efficient at removing oils and dirt from your face, but they can do so at a cost. Most synthetic cleansers are filled with ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). These are detergents that are able to cut through oil and grime. On top of this, SLS is a popular lathering agent. In other words, it’s responsible for giving us those wonderful foam and suds that convince us we are clean. While sulfates are certainly efficient cleaners, they must be considered for what they are: detergents. This ingredient’s number one role is to remove oil and, unfortunately, that is not always our best option. The result is often a product that is harsh and stripping of the natural oil that we love and need within our skin. And the foaming and lathering? It’s purely aesthetic.

Let’s look at our pH balance

How well do you know your skin’s pH balance? The pH scale moves from acidic at 0 to alkaline at 14. Water sits in the middle at 7 and is considered neutral. Our skin should be sitting at around a 5.6 where it is slightly more acidic. This acidity is the perfect environment for the bacteria on our skin to survive and everything functions at its best. In its naturally acidic state, our skin’s protective moisture barrier works as it should – it helps to retain water and protects from free radicals and UV rays. When this moisture barrier shifts to a more alkaline state, it becomes weakened. The result is usually sensitive, dry, irritated and itchy skin. There are several factors which can shift the pH level of your skin and weaken your protective moisture barrier. Environmental aggressors (such as pollution) and the natural ageing process can see the skin move higher up the scale. The most common cause, however, is washing the face incorrectly. To put it simply, over washing can damage your protective moisture barrier. When we use harmful cleaning agents, such as the ones found in many cleansers on the market today, it strips our skin of its natural oils. These cleansers can alkalize the skin and, in turn, can create and/or increase sensitivities. If your skin is feeling tight, itchy, dry or sensitive after cleansing, it’s a clear sign that the cleanser you’re using is too harsh. Many people mistake this for feeling super clean and believe applying moisturiser afterward will be the end of it. The unfortunate fact is, you damage your moisture barrier every time you cleanse with a harsh product. Over time, your skin will be unable to absorb the beneficial ingredients in your skin care. By opting for a naturally based cleanser, such as the griffin+row Cleanse, you are properly cleaning your face without compromising the health of your skin. It will leave your skin feeling both cleansed and hydrated because it does not contain harmful chemicals or toxins that strip the skin. Used in conjunction with the Exfoliate cloth, you can effectively remove makeup, oil, dead skin cells and debris and still maintain happy, nourished skin. Have you made the switch to the griffin+row naturally effective skincare range? Our first step, Cleanse, is a great place to start! Click here to read more about griffin+row Cleanse and the cleansing process, including the importance of pH balance, how pollution affects your skin and the negative effects of dehydrated skin.