Treat your neck: the ultimate anti-ageing hack

While it’s common to spend much of our time and money on creams and lotions to take years off the face, we can’t always say the same about our neck and décolletage. It is often the forgotten step in your skincare regime and the result is a plump and radiant face and a neck that doesn’t match! It can completely undermine the time and effort you put into your skincare each day. As we age, the skin naturally loses its ability to retain water as it once did and collagen production slows down. Our skin needs our assistance to boost our cells’ natural rejuvenating process, particularly in areas that are prone to dryness and premature ageing. So, we’re calling on you to give your neck and décolletage some love with some very easy steps! Trust us, you’ll be hooked once you notice the difference!
  1. Protect what you love.

One of the largest causes of premature ageing to our neck and chest area is sun damage. As it is generally more visible than other areas of our body, including your face, your neck and décolletage cops more than its fair share of UV rays. This leads to premature ageing in the form of lines, wrinkles and sun spots. The best way to protect your skin is by covering up and keeping the sun off. Always stick to the shade during the peak UV radiation times and try to opt for clothing and scarves which can shield you from direct sun. You can also apply an SPF each morning, making sure to take it from your face all the way down to your chest.
  1. Hydrate your body.

As anyone who looks after their skin will know, a good skin care routine always begins with what you put in your body. Seeing as our bodies are made of 60% water, it makes sense that we should be frequently replenishing it! Water is essential in the detoxification and renewal of our skin. It will not only add a glow to your complexion but also encourage healthy cell turnover. As well as drinking your 8 glasses each day. We also recommend using our Hydrate spray that prepares the skin to deeply absorb our moisturisers to follow such as Enrich. Enrich locks the moisture in, preventing moisture loss throughout the day.
  1. Exfoliate.

We trust that by now you know the importance of exfoliation for our skin. It removes any buildup of grime and sebum within our pores and helps to shed any dead skin cells sitting on the surface. Exfoliation ensures that our skin is radiant and functioning at its best. Most people exfoliate their face on a regular basis – our customers find it even easier to do so with the griffin+row Exfoliation step which uses a pure cotton cloth that’s gentle enough for daily use! Where most people fall flat is in exfoliating the neck area. The skin on our neck has the same cell turnover and the same buildup of grime with many people taking their makeup on to their neck as well. So why would we not give our neck the same treatment as our face? Let’s make a vow to give our neck the same love and attention as our face and take our griffin+row exfoliating cloth just below the face each time we cleanse! It’s a simple rule: we should be treating our skin from the hairline down to the nipple for the ultimate results in keeping our skin well-nourished and beautiful. As a moisturiser for the face use Nourish and for the neck and décolletage use Enrich for that extra hit of moisture where your skin needs it most. The skin on our neck is thinner and doesn’t contain the same number of lipids and sebaceous glands as the skin on our face, so it cannot maintain the same levels of hydration. Our neck needs extra love and added moisture to be able to keep up with the skin on our face so make sure you provide it with Nourish or Enrich morning and night! Our skin is precious and we should love and nourish it. Whilst wrinkles are a natural process, it’s possible to slow the process and embrace our age gracefully with glowing skin all over. Try to incorporate the above advice into your daily griffin+row five step routine and you’ll quickly see the benefits! Purchase our starter kit today and get going with the ultimate skincare regime to treat those precious parts of your body and keep them well-nourished.