Top skincare mantras

Mantras are powerful words and phrases that we use repeatedly to aid us in concentration. Originally used as a tool in meditation to focus the mind, they are now entering mainstream culture as a way to better focus in other areas of our lives too.

From weight loss to self-love, overcoming fear to improving our everyday happiness, mantras give us something to hold on to; to re-align with and ensure that we’re on track with whatever it is that we’re aiming for.

So why not incorporate them into your skincare routine?

We love to think of our five-step regime as a daily act of self-love, a slice of time in our morning and evening to focus on and appreciate our beautiful selves. As you practice our five-step regime (and indulge in a fast yet healing facial massage) why not incorporate your very own mantra into the mix?

It’s the perfect time to look yourself in the eyes (in front of the mirror) and repeat the words we need to hear.

Some people repeat their mantra out loud as they feel as though saying it verbally has a more profound effect. A lot of people find that they feel silly to begin with and hear a quiver of uncertainty in their voice. Over time, however, the words express themselves freely and with greater strength and pride. It is at this point that people start to see the shift in their mindset and ability to back up their words with actions.

Of course, you may be more comfortable to think your mantra in your head, repeating the words internally. This is perfectly alright as both methods produce the same outcome.

Here are our top five skincare mantras to help you get started:

“My skin is beautiful exactly as it is.”

“I nourish my skin with these five simple steps.”

“I listen to my skin and provide it with love, no matter what.”

“I care for my skin morning and night because I deserve self-love.”

“My skin deserves natural and quality products.”

As you repeat your mantra each morning and night, you will grow to embrace exactly what you are saying and value it enough to put your thoughts into action.

Some extra tips for your mantra:

Take your mantra with you throughout the day! You don’t have to confine your new mantra to your skincare routine – repeat it whenever you can throughout the day! Say it in the car as you drive, while you’re waiting in line, turning on your computer or walking through the door. The more time you repeat the words, the stronger you will feel!

Don’t feel obligated. There is nothing worse than doing something for yourself out of obligation. The power of a mantra comes only from embracing the meaning behind the words. This means you need to want to believe what you’re saying. By feeling frustrated or resentful of the words you are repeating you cannot expect any magic.

Be vulnerable. Sometimes it’s hard to say the words you want to hear because we don’t feel like we deserve it. We might opt for an easier phrase rather than simply saying “I love my skin exactly as it is” because that is going to take a whole lot more work. Give yourself the space and permission to strip back those layers of defense and be vulnerable with yourself. It’s only here that you’ll notice the biggest change in yourself.

What do you think about adopting a skincare mantra?

Have you got your own that you use every day?

Share with us in the comments below!