Time for a skin check?

As we move into the cooler months and say farewell to summer, there’s something each of us should be doing for our skin: check for the damage that summer may have caused. Just how well do you know your freckles and moles? According to the Cancer Council Australia, the average 15-year-old Australian already has over 50 moles on their body. Moles, though unique, should be uniform in colour and shape. They may also be raised which is perfectly normal – but they should remain smooth and soft. Whilst there are various types of skin, evidence suggests that those with naturally more moles have a higher risk of skin cancer. If you have a relatively significant amount on your body you should be more vigilant in noticing any changes. In fact, knowing what your moles and freckles look like is the first crucial step toward skin health. When you’re familiar with what they look like, any variation in shape or colour can be an indication of possible cancer. It’s a healthy practice to check your skin every 3 months by doing a simple body scan. If you find a spot that has developed any of the following signs, you should always speak with your health care professional for signs of skin cancer.
  • Irregular shape
  • Change in colour
  • More than one colour
  • A change in texture (e.g. rough, course skin)
  • Increase in size
  • A red or pink shade in or around it
  • Is irritating, itchy or sore
  • Has developed recently and/or within adulthood
First and foremost, you should be able to recognise if and when these changes develop. Your skin is precious and is one of your first indicators of your health. Be sure to make your skin check part of your skin regime this week along with your griffin+row five step process! If you would like to find out more, you can head to the Cancer Council Australia site for an abundance of information about skin health!