Three tell-tale signs of ageing and how to stop them

When it comes to anti-ageing, we spend so much time and money investing in a youthful face that we can sometimes neglect other areas. While we may have mastered glowing, youthful skin on top, it is easy to overlook the areas which can add years to our appearance. We’re looking at three problem areas which can show your age most, and how to overcome them without taking invasive measures. Your hands: It should come as no surprise to you that your hands are an area which receives the roughest deal. Not only are they subject to all kinds of harsh environmental factors (such as sun exposure and frequent washing) they also experience the same ageing deterioration under the skin as everywhere else. As we age, we naturally produce less collagen and elastin, meaning the skin on our hands is less supple and plump. The result is often protruding veins, loose skin, and wrinkles. Age spots become more prevalent due to excess sun exposure. This is not surprising when you consider how often your hands are exposed to the sun – just think about how often we drive with our hands on the steering wheel in direct sunlight! What you can do: Prevention really is the best answer. The skin on your hands is thin and needs some extra TLC after being exposed to harsh environmental factors. Ensure you moisturise well throughout the day and look for a hand cream with an SPF. Keep in mind that, while you may be one of the few who applies sunscreen on your hands each morning, it is easily washed away throughout the day. Your neck: The skin on your neck contains fewer oil glands than the skin on your face. It is also particularly thin and therefore prone to stretching, creasing and sun damage. It’s not uncommon to see the beautiful skin on the face only to be contrasted by tired and sagged wrinkles on the neck. What you can do: Your neck deserves some attention and needs extra hydration. Anything you put on your face should be taken down on to the neck as well. It’s even easy to exfoliate gently on this delicate area with the griffin+row Exfoliate cloth. Provide your neck with the moisture and assistance it needs to retain the integrity of the skin and treat it to a heavily nourishing cream at night, such as our Enrich cream. Your eyes: The skin around our eyes is another area which can give away our age quickly. It is very easily affected by stress and fatigue and needs consistent love to maintain a youthful appearance. While it is the thinnest area of skin on the face, it is prone to showing bags and wrinkles quickly. Puffiness can be caused by numerous factors, yet fluid retention and allergies are often key components. What you can do: To reduce any bags under the eye, your first step is to look at how much salt is in your diet. Cutting back on this ingredient can have an immediate effect on the amount of fluid that builds up beneath the eye overnight because salt can cause the body to hold on to water. Keep an eye out for how much sodium is contained in the foods you eat. Try to cool and soothe sore and tired eyes with a cold compress – we’re still fans of the age-old cucumber trick! Not only does it feel heavenly, it is also highly hydrating. How much attention do you pay to these three tell-tale areas of ageing? Are you ready to give them a little more love and nourishment with the griffin+row five-step skin routine?