There’s no such thing as instant success

Everyday we read magazines, watch TV and go online and we see companies promising instant success. It may be weight loss, fitness or skincare. The message is always the same – just pay us and you will achieve your goal! The reality is that if we want to lose weight we need to eat the right food and exercise daily. If we want to be fit, it will simply not be enough to lie on a machine that exercises the body – we need to exercise by walking, going to the gym, jogging or playing sport. Similarly, no skincare products will turn back the clock twenty years instantly! For great skin we need a daily regime, using products free from harmful chemicals and with ingredients that help the skin regenerate and heal. We need to eat well, exercise and have a positive attitude. Spending a fortune on any of the above will not guarantee success. Nothing works better for your skin than this simple mantra:
  • Daily skincare morning and night – cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and moisturise
  • Daily exercise to facilitate good blood circulation which nourishes the new skin cells – remember the skin has its own fantastic cell renewal system that needs extra help as we get older!
  • A healthy diet full of fruit, vegetables, protein and some carbs!
It’s all about balance and discipline! Like food, skincare is a health item, not a fashion item. Take care of what you eat and put on your skin!