Griffin+Row continues to receive positive reviews from our users. Read the latest below:

Thank you so much for the cleansing cloth… I am the most sceptical person on this earth, but it works, I can feel such a difference. Packaged beautifully too, so when I am thinking gifts, I will be promoting griffin + row!
– Heather, VIC

I just wanted to let you know I have been using the griffin + row products and my skin looks and feels great – it’s the clearest it’s been in ages. So thank you, I am really enjoying the products and they smell amazing.
– Lucy, QLD

I’ve been using the products for the past week and they are SERIOUSLY good! I’ve been there, done that and then given up with skin care products in the past … but these feel divine to use, have a lovely healthy light fragrance and leave your skin feeling absolutely divine after using them. It’s so refreshing to find a product that actually IS a pleasure to use and doesn’t leave your skin feeling like it’s soaking in sludge. I am loving Marcia’s book too – shows what we can achieve with focus, inspiration and high heels.

I am really enjoying your skin products. The scent is very pleasant and refreshing, and the cleanser is gentle but does a good job removing makeup. I like the moisturiser too – especially in Colorado, where the air is so dry. I hope you get to market them in the US so that I can recommend them to my friends!!
RM, Colorado

I am extremely pleased with the results since using your product.
Doreen M, SA

I was overjoyed to receive your products and am really happy with them all.
Margaret ML, SA

Good product. I used the special starter kit I was very happy.
Anita S, SA

I have bought the trial pack and love your products.
Joanne E, NSW

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have been using the products for a month or more and they feel so good.
Pam W, NSW

Thank you so much for developing a range of naturally conscious products affordable for all pockets. After trying so many brands and paying a fortune, your products are a dream. They blend and absorb beautifully, smell and feel great and a little goes a long way. I’ll be watching for further developments.
Julie M, WA

You both looked so good on ‘A Current Affair’ that I thought I would try your product as I am currently using an overseas product and I would love to use Australian owned and made instead.
Christine R, VIC

Love your products, I am amazed how they feel on my skin.
Julie W, NSW

Just travelled overseas and it was great to be able to take your products in the plane-I really loved being able to hydrate my skin with the Hydrate–what a great product.
Susie A, Victoria

Great to have an Australian made product of such high quality.
Ann G, Queensland

I just wanted to let you know I started using the skin care range on Friday, and absolutely love it. I am definitely going to change from Dermalogica to your products.

  • Hydrate
  • Nourish for day time
  • Enrich for night

When I first opened them the fragrance was so nice, I was really worried, historically fragranced products inflamed my skin, so I was quite scared what might happen.

I had been out in the cold wind all day Saturday and my face was really red and dry by the time I got home. Within minutes, the Hydrate and Enrich had soothed the burning sensation and I could almost feel the Enrich being absorbed. It was quite amazing!
Natalie, Victoria