Ten do’s and don’ts for winter skincare

As the weather becomes cooler and we move towards the winter months, it’s common to notice a change in our skin. As the level of humidity drops in the air so does the level of moisture within our skin. Dryness and flakiness become apparent and there can be a certain dullness and lacklustre in our overall complexion. During winter, our skin needs a little more TLC and nourishment. There are a new set of rules to apply once there’s a chill in the air so we’re covering the do’s and don’ts of winter skincare!

Do: Apply sunscreen daily

While you may see more cloudy days and fewer UVB rays (the kind responsible for redness and sunburn) there are still UVA rays the same as any other day. These rays penetrate deeper and cloud cover makes no difference to them. It is always best practice to protect your skin throughout the year – including winter!

Don’t: Skip your ingredient list

It’s always important to know what is in the products you put on your skin, but winter can leave you feeling dry and sensitive. If your skin is feeling this way, it’s useful to check your labels and ensure products don’t contain any harsh or stripping ingredients such as alcohol or sulfates and do contain nourishing and hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which helps to lock in moisture!

Do: Tailor your skincare

You wouldn’t wear the same clothes in winter as you do in summer, so it only makes sense that you switch up your skincare to suit! As winter leads to a drop in hydration and radiance in our skin, it can be beneficial to opt for a slightly thicker, more nourishing cream during the cooler months. This might be as simple as switching from the griffin+row Nourish cream in the morning to using the Enrich cream both morning and night. You may also want to look at the cleanser you use, as foaming cleansers (which are fantastic to cut through excess oil and grime throughout summer) may become too harsh during winter.

Don’t: Skimp on your exercise

As inviting as Netflix and a blanket are in winter, we should still motivate ourselves to move our bodies regularly. Exercise is extremely beneficial to our skin, not to mention the rest of our health and wellbeing. Get the blood pumping with a light jog or a simple walk, or stick to the comfort of your home and indulge in a yoga session! Not only are you keeping fit but helping your skin detox and maintain glow all the way through to spring!

Do: Exfoliate regularly

With the drop in humidity, not to mention the dry air our heaters pump out, dry skin and flakiness occur far more frequently. Exfoliation is crucial in removing any dry or dead skin cells from the surface, allowing our true radiance to shine through. Furthermore, removing this surface layer of dead skin can allow your products to penetrate deeply and more efficiently. Just make sure you don’t exfoliate too much as this can dry the skin out further! Hint: The griffin+row Exfoliate cloth is gentle enough to use daily and ensures you are frequently removing any dry skin before you notice patchiness and uneven skin texture.

Don’t: Indulge in long, hot showers

Yes, the water can be so inviting that we never want to get out but remaining in the shower for too long can be detrimental to your skin. If you tend to have your water on the ‘hot’ side, it can compromise the lipid layer of your skin which can lead to irritation and water loss. This means that a hot shower can actually be drying out your skin. Try to keep the temperature at a moderate level and don’t stay under the water any longer than necessary.

Do: Moisturise straight after your shower

It has been found that applying your lotions straight after your shower or bath can have the most hydrating effects. Your skin will need immediate nourishment after being in the hot water so take an extra minute to lather yourself up in a body moisturiser and apply your skincare to ensure you get the most out of your products!

Don’t: Cover up dry skin with makeup

The simple fact is that your makeup is only as good the skin you apply it to. No amount of foundation or concealer can hide the fact that you have dry patches and flakey areas. In fact, these products will only accentuate your concern. If you are struggling with getting your makeup to look even, focus on hydrating your skin well and always apply a moisturiser before your foundation. Exfoliation is key to smooth skin and you may want to explore the idea of a hydrating primer to assist your foundation.

Do: Drink plenty of water

We can easily slack off on our water intake during winter as we’re not getting as hot and perspiring as much. However, that doesn’t mean our skin no longer requires it. Indulge in more herbal tea including green tea and chamomile for a warm winter drink that benefits the skin. It’s also great to keep a water bottle near you throughout the day so you aren’t tempted to purchase a soft drink or sugary beverage. Invest in a metal water bottle that’s environmentally friendly and safe from many dangerous chemicals found in plastic water bottles.

Don’t: Forget your hands and feet

These are areas that can suffer hugely during winter. Our heels become easily cracked and our hands are constantly exposed to the harsh elements. Keep a hand cream in your handbag for those moments on the go or by your desk as you work. We love to give our feet a real treat by occasionally applying some of our Enrich cream to our soles before popping on some cotton socks and jumping into bed. Your feet will love you in the morning! We’re all guilty of neglecting our skin a little during winter – it’s not always the most inspiring time and it’s easy to let things go. Yet if we take the time to be in touch with our bodies and notice our skin, we can easily give it the love and care that it needs. What are you doing for your skin now that the weather is getting colder?