Taking care of your skin in winter

We think that summer is a hard time for our skin but actually the cold and drying winds of winter are equally harsh. The good news is there are many things we can do to take care of our skin in winter:
  • Protect your neck and lower face with a warm scarf.
  • Take extra care with hydrating your skin and use the most nourishing moisturiser – in our griffin+row range you might change to Enrich for the winter months.
  • Take care of your diet and don’t fall for the quick warm up of junk food – go for healthy soups, green vegetables and winter fruits.
  • As heating can dehydrate your skin, use your Hydrate spray during the day to refresh and revitalise your skin.
  • Apply the griffin+row face mask at least once a week
  • Protect your hands by wearing gloves and use Enrich on your hands as a really effective protective cream – they’ll love it!
  • Don’t let the cold hold you back from exercising. Exercise daily to help blood circulation enhances skin cell renewal, but cover up when outside in the cold wind.
  • Make sure you maintain your twice daily morning and night skincare routine – it’s vital all year round!