Spotlight on wrinkles

Love them or hate them, wrinkles are a fact of life. They are a natural result of the ageing of our skin. While we embrace and love our bodies regardless of age, it is nice to be able to know you look and feel your best. At griffin+row, we aim to provide women with the best quality products and ingredients to allow the skin to thrive, without complicated and time-consuming routines. If you want to make your skincare work for you and are starting to focus on anti-ageing, it pays to understand what’s really happening to your skin. Wrinkles don’t just spring up overnight – although it can feel that way! Instead, there are several internal and external factors which can play a part in their development. These can include:
  • Diminished collagen and elastin production leading to the loss of structural integrity in our skin.
  • Reduced vascular delivery of nutrients and oxygen resulting in slow cell regeneration.
  • The loss of skin and muscle structure results in newly formed folds as cheeks, eyes, and jawline begin to droop.
  • Excessive sun exposure leads to free radical damage resulting in elastosis wrinkles.
  • Environmental factors such as pollution, smoking, and diet diminishing the health and function of the skin.
  • Expression lines developed due to constant creasing of certain areas over time.
By educating ourselves in why our skin develops wrinkles, we know where to focus our attention in order to slow their process. Maintain hydration and eating the right foods help encourage the skin to function at its optimal level. Using topical products from griffin+row which nourish from the outside ensure the skin isn’t losing valuable moisture and promote the healthy function of collagen and elastin production. Protect your skin from environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution by covering up, wearing an SPF and making the effort to remove any grime or toxins which may have landed on you at the end of the day. You don’t have to resort to invasive measures to deal with wrinkles, you simply need to understand them and get to know what’s happening to your body.