Skin Concern: Menopausal Skin NEEDS REVIEW

Do nothing and you’ll look exhausted. Stop and take this action now.

Menopause brings change. A change to your mood, a change to your body shape and a change to your skin type. Your experience of menopause is unique, however you are not alone. Every women you know will experience menopause. But, not every women you know will show quick and visible symptoms. Take no action and your skin will look old quickly. Take action now and your skin will age gracefully.

Why your skin changes during menopause

Hormones have a huge impact on your skin. The right hormones make your skin plump, full and glowing. A change in hormones can make your skin dull, dry and laxing. When you go through menopause, your hormone balance changes fast. Oestrogen goes down and androgens become dominant.

This switch is the cause of the skin changes menopause is bringing you.

What menopause will do to your skin?

Do nothing, and menopause will make your skin age, quickly. Take action now, and you can slow it. You’re living with skin changes caused by menopause if your skin is experiencing;

  • Dryness: Was your skin type once oily, combination or normal? Menopause makes your skin dry because it slows down your skin’s oil production.
  • Acne: It’s not just for teenagers. The hormone changes you have in menopause can make spot causing plugs of sticky oil and dead skin in your pores.
  • Fine line, wrinkles and crow’s feet: Skin needs support to be plump and youthful, collagen and elastin fibres make this work, however you’re making less of them with menopause.
  • Skin sagging: Turkey neck and jowls, menopause wastes away fat from your face to cause skin drooping.
  • Skin thinning: Menopause staves your skin of essential blood flow and nutrients which is making your epidermis thinner.
  • Skin sensitivity: Skin is uncomfortable, tight, itchy, burny or irritated. Menopause slows your skin’s barrier function and you get sensitive skin.

Menopause will wreck your skin, if you don’t take action now. Without a nutrient packed skincare routine your skin will become dry and sensitive, spot prone and wrinkled, saggy and dull. You’ll get more age spots, be prone to redness, develop skin flaking and look dramatically older, quickly.

Ask yourself these questions;

Is my skin type changing?

If yes, you’re experiencing the first skin sign of menopause, you need to permanently change your skincare routine to counteract it. Take action now and you can slow all symptoms.

For the first time ever, or the first time since I was a teenager, am I beginning to get spots?

If yes, your skin type and skin biology has changed as a result of menopause allowing spot causing bacteria to feast on sticky dead skin plugs. Do nothing and you could develop clinical acne. Take control and use the right skincare to help counteract your spots.

Do I have brown marks on my face?

If yes, your hormone balance is beginning to switch and if you have a lot, you’re likely in menopause. Brown marks are caused by tan molecules your skin is over making or isn’t able to move about. Hormone changes make both of these things happen. You need to overhaul your skin routine to help brighten your skin tone.

Can I see through my skin?

If yes, your skin has been thinned by hormone change and is no longer getting the nutrients it needs. Compensate now by using a rich and conditioning skincare system.

Is my skin more sensitive than normal?

If yes, you have skin sensitivity caused by menopause and your skin is changing in lots of ways. Less oil and skin thinning have made you a poor barrier function, meaning pollution particles and irritants are being easily absorbed causing more skin damage. Change your skin routine now to protect against ageing.

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Catching the first skin changes of menopause will help you age gracefully. Ignore them and your skin will quickly look wrinkled, dull, rough and old. Make change now and your menopause effected skin can be compensated for.

Don’t believe these common menopausal skin myths

  1. Skincare cannot stop your skin ageing

Skin can be fed from the inside and the outside. Taking a supplement is an indirect way to treat your skin. Using skincare gets to work directly. Creams and serums can absorb into your skin to;

  1. Protect your skin against sun ageing aka use sunscreen
  2. Stop your skin experiencing damaging free radical attacks aka use an antioxidant cream
  3. Help promote collagen production to resolve fine lines and wrinkles aka use a vitamin rich cream

The right skincare can help stop your skin ageing. The wrong skincare can age your skin prematurely. Your skin ages during menopause because it’s biology changes. Skincare can help give back missing nutrients to your skin.

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  1. Antibacterial soap will help get rid of menopausal acne

Yes, acne is caused by bacteria but using an antibacterial soap will not permanently fix it. Your skin is home to lots of different types of bacteria. This is natural and normal. Even spot causing bacteria can live on your skin, without causing spots.

Your skin works like your gut: It has a population of happy bacteria.

When you’re experiencing menopausal acne, you have an overgrowth of spot bacteria. These bacteria feed on dead skin plugs. Use antibacterial soap and your skin will lose good and bad bacteria. Use the right skincare aka a gentle exfoliant and you help stop spot bacteria breeding.

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  1. Diet has no effect on your skin age

Remember how your skin can get fed from the inside and the outside? Don’t believe anyone who tells you diet has no effect on your skin. Diet can speed up the skin changes that you’re experiencing because of menopause and diet can slow down the skin changes you’re experiencing because of menopause.

Eating sugar makes your skin age quickly, scientists call it glycation. Sugar damages your skin’s collagen and elastin networks, making it harder for your skin to be plump and firm.

Want to age gracefully? Give up sugar.

Because of menopause your skin gets fewer nutrients. The less your skin gets, the more menopause will make you age.

Want to age gracefully? Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and use great skincare.

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  1. Hot flushes are the first symptom of menopause

Hot flushes are a common symptom of menopause… but not all women will get hot flushes. Skin changes can be your first warning sign of perimenopause – the transition before menopause takes hold. Taking note of small changes to your skin condition will help you age gracefully.

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How to stop menopause taking hold of your skin

Want to stop dramatic skin ageing with menopause? Keen to get rid of menopausal acne or skin sensitivity? Looking to protect your skin early, so you can look young for longer? Then you need to know how to stop menopause taking hold of your skin. Treat your menopause effected skin now and you can age gracefully. Do nothing and your skin will age dramatically.

This is how to stop menopause taking hold of your skin;

  1. Use antioxidant rich skincare

Menopause stops your skin getting many vitamins and minerals. When your skin has a healthy supply, it has a full antioxidant defence network. When your skin is protected like this, your skin can resist ageing from UV light, pollution particles and more.

Because you’re experiencing menopause, your skin has reduced antioxidant defences. This means your skin will age more quickly. It will be wrinkled by UV light and age marked by pollution particles.

Stop this happening to you. Boost your skin’s antioxidant supply with antioxidant rich skincare.

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  1. Choose a sensitive skin friendly cleanser

Most people use the wrong cleansing products and think they only remove makeup and impurities from skin. Wrong. Cleansers can remove significantly more. This is how and why they cause ageing.

You have a skin barrier which helps lock in hydration and lock out irritants and impurities. Because you’re experiencing menopause, your skin barrier is not at 100%. Using a harsh cleanser which removes precious oils from your skin, makes it worse.

Do nothing and your skin will become dry, dehydrated, flaky, wrinkled, irritated and red.

Choose sensitive skin friendly now

  1. Use skincare packed full of oils and butters

Your skin works because it has an oily top layer which also helps prevent skin ageing. Oils are a necessity for your skin. Without oil, your skin barrier is poor and your skin tone loses volume quickly.

If your skin is low in oil, fine lines and wrinkles will get deeper.

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  1. Exfoliate gently and regularly

Healthy skin exfoliates itself every day. Dead skin cells leave. Fresh skin cells arrive. Scientists call it cellular turnover. Young skin has a healthy cellular turnover. Menopausal skin has a slow cellular turnover.

Does your skin look dull and old looking? Are you experiencing spots, uneven skin tone, texture and fine lines?

Trapped dead skin cells are your culprit. Menopause is your cause.

Exfoliating your skin regularly and gently can help fix it.

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Which ingredients help stop menopause taking hold of your skin?

Skincare that works is brimming with great ingredients. Skincare that doesn’t only has a few.

Which are you using?

At this very moment, you’re using skincare with only a few.

How do we know?

Because great skincare, packed with great skincare ingredients helps you age gracefully.

Continue to use your current skin routine and you’re going to see dramatic changes. This could soon be your skin;

  • A dry, rough, dehydrated skin appearance which is rough and sallow
  • Pronounced and deepening fine lines and wrinkles
  • Spots and maybe even acne
  • More brown marks which will get darker
  • Worsening skin sensitivity making your skin feel tight and uncomfortable
  • Redness, inflammation and burning or stinging sensations

Don’t let this be your skin. Take action to stop symptoms developing.

This includes using skincare packed with active antioxidants;

  • Vitamin E
  • Grapeseed extract
  • Shiitake extract
  • Rosemary extract

>> Find all 4 in griffin+row Enrich Antioxidant Night Cream

Radiance giving and barrier protecting oils and butters;

  • Shea butter
  • Avocado oil
  • Macadamia oil
  • Jojoba oil

>> Find all 4 in griffin+row Nourish Natural Skin Moisturiser

Vital and skin similar moisture factors;

  • Sodium PCA
  • Sorbitol
  • Glycerin

>> Find all 3 in griffin+row Hydrate Skin Hydration Spray

Imagine experiencing menopause without your skin telling its tale. Imagine not noticing, obsessing or worrying about your how you look.

This could be your now with the griffin+row 5-step skincare system.

  • 5-steps brimming with age protective skincare ingredients
  • Unique and effective antioxidant complex
  • Radiance giving naturals
  • Simple and straight forward

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Step 1 – Cleanse

griffin+row Cleanse Skin Cleanser delicately purifies your skin to remove ageing impurities. The careful formula also protects your skin’s natural biology. pH balanced, sensitive skin friendly and hydrating. Notice the difference from first use.

When to use: Use nightly to remove makeup and impurities.

Step 2 – Exfoliate

griffin+row Exfoliate Natural Exfoliant Cloth will make your skin radiant, fresh and smooth. Use regularly and it will also help prevent menopausal spots and acne. Adding Exfoliate to your routine helps antioxidant rich moisturisers absorb into your skin. This is treatment and preparation.

When to use: 2 x a week.

Step 3 – Hydrate

griffin+row Hydrate Skin Hydration Spray helps restore your skin’s natural moisturising factors, to be sure your skin is full of volume and bounce. Fine lines and wrinkles will appear fewer and crow’s feet will be plumped.

When to use: 2 x a day.

Step 4 – Nourish

griffin+row Nourish Natural Skin Moisturiser will help quickly hydrate and condition for strong skin that age resits. Rebuilds your skin’s defences to compensate for menopause driven skin change.

When to use: Morning.

Step 5 – Enrich

griffin+row Enrich Antioxidant Night Cream intensively heals and restores to promote an ageless complexion. Over flowing with potent antioxidants, conditioning oils and rejuvenating butters to bring skin what it needs most.

When to use: Evening.

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