Skin concern: Dehydrated skin

Bad habits are the cause of your dehydrated skin. Take action now.

Dehydrated skin is unhealthy skin. When your skin is gasping for water, it is unable to resist ageing. Dehydrated skin appears dull, sallow, rough and uneven. Fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced.

Most people mistake dehydrated skin for dry skin. Don’t be one of them. Dry skin is a skin type. Dehydrated skin is a condition – either temporary or chronic. Dry skin means a lack of natural oils, or sebum, in your skin. Dehydrated skin means a lack of water. People with all skin types can occasionally experience dry skin, but skin that is dry is more prone to also be dehydrated and sensitive.

How do you tell the difference between dry and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin types are rough and flaky – always unless you use good skincare.

Dehydrated skin is dull, tight, rough and fine-lined. It tends to be sensitive and appears more mature than its actual age. As dry skin is a condition, so symptoms can come and go.

Why do you have dehydrated skin?

You can have dehydrated skin for a number of reasons:

  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Hot showers and baths
  • A bad skincare routine

  • Air conditioning or central heating
  • Dry climate, e.g. in winter
  • Inappropriate diet

What can I do about dehydrated skin?

A good skincare routine is the one factor that is easy to control, and which can make the largest difference. Let the following guide you:

1. Use the right cleanser

Use of the wrong cleanser can be very damaging, as most commercially-available cleansers are deeply dehydrating. griffin+row Cleanse is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin, as it leaves the skin’s acid balance intact, thus preventing further moisture loss through the epidermis, or outer layer of your skin.

2. Exfoliate gently

Dehydrated skins don’t shed cells very well. You need to assist the process of removing dead cells with regular exfoliation. griffin+row Exfoliate is very gentle and thus ideal for this process, as dehydrated skin is often also very sensitive.

3. Aid dead cell breakdown

Apply griffin+row Hydrate to your skin, because Hydrate contains citric acid, which helps break down the uppermost layer of cells in your skin, thus naturally removing dead skin cells and allowing the moisturiser to better absorb. Citric acid occurs naturally in lemons and other citrus fruit.

4. The secret of NMFs

Add natural moisturising factors (NMFs) to your skincare routine. NMFs are naturally present in healthy skin, but they are lacking in dehydrated skin. NMFs act like magnets to water, binding and retaining it. griffin+row Hydrate contains ingredients similar to NFMs.

5. Moisturise well

Use a high-quality moisturiser, such as griffin+row Nourish or Enrich. Moisturisers help creating a barrier that locks moisture into your skin. Moisturisers also lubricate and hydrate skin, helping to improve the appearance of your skin.

6. Be consistent

A good skincare routine works over time, making your skin better every time you use it. The cell turnover process takes around 28 days, so that’s about how long it may take to address underlying causes of skin dehydration.


griffin+row is based on the premise that skincare is about skin health care – it is not a fashion item. griffin+row is determined to stay true to the purpose of giving you only the very best daily care for your skin, with a regime that is time- and cost-effective.

Read about the five simple steps of the griffin+row skincare system:
1 Cleanse     2 Exfoliate     3 Hydrate     4 Nourish     5 Enrich

So how do you know that your skincare routine is effective?

The answer is simple. Don’t apply skincare for a day. True, your skin condition may be slightly worse, but skipping your skincare routine for a single day shouldn’t make a vast difference. If it does, then you know that the skincare routine you are currently following doesn’t address any of the underlying causes.

griffin+row Cleanse works perfectly well, removing all makeup including eye makeup and lipstick in one action, without the use of chemicals that dehydrate or are in any other way harmful to your skin.

Transform your skin in 28 days

What do you get when you ask a PhD-qualified research scientist to develop a naturally effective skincare system?

The result is griffin+row, a synergistic blend of the purest plant extracts chosen for their antioxidant and regenerative properties. Developed from the ground up to address the visible signs of skin ageing, including dry skin and skin dehydration.

Why 28 days? – At griffin+row, we would like to give you better skin tomorrow. The reality is that there is no quick fix – transforming your skin takes time and effort, as many underlying causes need to be addressed.

Our skincare takes time to become effective, as skin cells take around 28 days to renew. Within two weeks, people will generally start to see change, but results will get even better over time. Our skincare is not a quick fix, as it supports skin’s natural functions at each level, and provides it with nutrition to slow down ageing.

Our simple 5-step skincare system

Ingredients that transform your skin

At griffin+row, the product development journey always starts with the ingredients. We produce naturally effective skincare, free of harmful chemicals, using active ingredients such as the ones below:

Fragonia Essential OilCentipeda CunninghamiiShiitake MushroomAustralian SandalwoodWakame SeaweedRed Grape VineAloe VeraMacadamia Nut OilJojoba OilAvocado OilRosemary ExtractShea ButterRosehip OilLavender Essential OilPink GrapefruitOrganic BergamotSweet Orange OilSweet Almond OilGrapefruit Seed ExtractDamask RoseSoybean Oil

If your skin is dehydrated, your current skincare probably contains ingredients that aggravate the condition. How do we know? Because good skincare should be designed to hydrate skin quickly and effectively.

Ingredients you should be looking for are:

Citric acid to break down the bond between the dead cells in the top layer of the skin, contained in griffin+row Hydrate.

Skin-similar moisture binders (NMFs) to attract hydration and lock it into your skin. Contained in griffin+row Hydrate.

Moisture-locking oils and butters, such as shea butter, sweet almond oil, rosehip oil and jojoba oil, contained in griffin+row Nourish and Enrich.

Our promise: a life without tight, uncomfortable feeling, dry skin.

Avoid harsh chemicals in cleansers

Most cleansers on the market today contain harsh chemicals, usually sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES). They are cheap chemicals that also commonly found in cleaning products, such as industrial degreasers. The problem with these chemicals, when used on the skin, is that they will completely strip the remaining liquids that make the protective acid mantle of your skin, leaving your skin chronically dehydrated and sensitive.

griffin+row starter kit

Each griffin+row product has a particular role and prepares the skin for the next skincare step. Products work best when used together. The griffin+row starter kit includes the complete system, with everything you need packed in a convenient bonus bag.