Frequently asked questions

Why are there 5 steps?

griffin+row understands that you’re time poor but believes that even if you’re rushed it’s important to do a quick daily routine and it’s even more important to not neglect stressed skin. Our five simple steps can easily fit into your busy lifestyle. For example, you can cover steps one and two in the shower each morning in just a couple of minutes – and by using our natural exfoliant cloth to rinse and wipe away Cleanse, our natural cream cleanser, you’re doing 2 steps in 1 – cleansing and exfoliating together!

Is the range suitable for sensitive skin?

As griffin+row products contain no harmful chemicals or toxic substances the products will suit even very sensitive skin. However, as there is no such thing as allergy free skincare there may be some skin that is so sensitised that even the purest natural ingredients may cause an allergic reaction. If you have really sensitive skin and are worried about trying new skincare products here are some tips:

  • Try only one product at a time – changing skincare is like changing your diet – do it slowly!
  • Start with the cleanser.
  • When you start using a new moisturiser or Hydrate, try on the back of your neck and wait to see if there is redness or any reaction.
  • Remember that you only need to use small quantities of product as your skin can only absorb so much.

What age group should use griffin+row?

griffin+row is suitable for all ages – just as a good diet is appropriate for all ages, so are the healthy nutrients in the griffin+row range.

What about an eye cream?

Both Nourish and Enrich are safe and effective to use around your eyes. Treat the skin around your eyes very, very gently because it is so delicate and can be stretched if you use products that are hard to remove (like mascara etc).

Do griffin+row products contain sunblock?

While the griffin+row range contains botanical ingredients that directly target the causes of skin ageing, we are still in the process of developing a totally natural sunblock that contains no harmful or toxic chemicals.

Why doesn’t Cleanse foam up like other products?

In order to provide you with a totally natural product, we’ve avoided the use of any foaming agents that are not 100% natural. Simply lather Cleanse on your face to thoroughly cleanse your skin. It’s great to do this in the shower and then wipe of the residue with your natural exfoliant cloth.

Does griffin+row have an anti-ageing cream?

The great news about the griffin+row range is that the daily routine is totally aimed at anti-ageing! It does this by helping the skin help itself through the fabulous plant extracts in our ingredients which target skin ageing. Additionally, the actual skincare routine helps to keep the skin looking fresh and youthful by cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and nourishing the skin on a daily basis.

What is free radical skin damage?

Free radicals are the natural byproduct of the body turning food into energy. An excess of free radicals can be caused by smoking, sun exposure, fried food, infections, stress and pollution. The easiest way to describe free radical damage to the skin is to think about the process of rusting! Antioxidants prevent free radicals from oxidizing (rusting). When cell membranes are attacked by free radicals they either become hardened so that nutrients cannot get into the cells, or they may be punctured so that the cell collapses as the cell fluid drains out. This leads to skin which is leathery or wrinkled and sagging. centess+complex contains ingredients rich in antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants soak up free radicals or toxins like sponges and are found in fresh fruit and vegetables. Antioxidants block the process of cell deterioration due to toxins that reduce your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin – both vital to healthy supple skin. centess+complex contains natural plant ingredients with powerful antioxidant activity.

What’s the best way to ensure the smooth spread and absorption of Enrich and Nourish into my skin?

We suggest you apply a light spray of Hydrate to your face before applying Nourish or Enrich. This will lock in the moisture and provide the necessary hydration your skin needs – all day and every day.

What are the preservatives used in griffin+row’s range?

There are two natural preservatives: grapefruit seed extract and sodium hydroxy methyl glycinate (SHMG). Grapefruit seed extract is a highly active antioxidant. SHMG is based on glycine, (a naturally occurring amino acid) and is effective against Gram negative and Gram Positive bacteria, yeast and mould. SHMG is selected by griffin+row for its non-irritating, non-sensitising, non-toxic, non-mutagenic and non-teratogenic benefits to ensure safe products for you, the consumer.

Why is griffin+row so effective yet not expensive?

Our mission is to provide a naturally effective skincare range at an affordable price. Sure, we could have gone to market and doubled the price but that was not our core purpose. Please don’t equate price with quality – you only have to look at the fabulous ingredients listed in our products that naturally provide hydration and moisture to your skin. The second reason we can offer you a great product at a great price is due to our low cost business model – your griffin+row purchase is not funding a large Head Office or big advertising spend!

Where can I buy griffin+row products?

griffin+row products are sold online directly to you, the consumer.

When we started out, our products used to be sold through traditional retail channels, including major retailers. But we have found that dealing with large retailers is a major hassle. Many retailers charge for shelf space, merchandising is very time-consuming and expensive, and customer service in large stores is often poor. Then often, due to the high distribution costs, one important aspect goes out of the window – either product quality or affordability.

Selling direct saves us a bunch of money, which we can pass on to you in the form of better product ingredients and better prices. But selling direct also means that we don’t have the large foot traffic usually associated with a presence in a shopping mall. If you are happy with our products, please recommend us to your friends, so that we can continue to do what we do well – which is giving you a premium product at an affordable price point.

Can I become a distributor or reseller?

We currently don’t take on any new distributors or resellers. Products are available online, for individual consumer use only.

Can men use griffin+row products?

Absolutely! We know that while some men may like to have their own branded range, the contents will be essentially very similar using the same amazing formula, centess+complex. Why should only women stay looking younger for longer? So share your griffin+row products with your partner, particularly Cleanse, Hydrate and Nourish. Make sure your partner has his own Exfoliate cloth – yes, men also need to exfoliate, although shaving does some of this for them!

Is griffin+row suitable for all skin types?

Yes, yes, yes! Just like apples and pears are suitable for all ages and genders! When you have ingredients that are so pure it makes the range suitable for all. However, there’s no such thing as allergy-free skincare and always test if you are allergy prone – on the back of the neck is a great place for testing. It’s the chemicals in most ranges that create the allergies but people can have allergic reactions to natural ingredients too.

does griffin+row have a face mask?

griffin+row has a really effective facial mask procedure using the products in our range! Simply use Cleanse to clean your face and neck. Wipe away with your natural exfoliant cloth to ensure your face and neck are thoroughly clean. Apply Hydrate and over that apply Enrich.
Next, soak the Exfoliate cloth with warm water, wring it out and place over your face and neck. As the cloth is pure cotton you can breathe through it and the warmth of the cloth will assist the deep absorption of Hydrate and Enrich. Lie down and relax for 3-5 minutes and feel the benefit to your skin and your sense of well being.
You can apply your griffin+row mask as often as you need – once or twice a week or whenever you skin feels like an extra treat.

Is the griffin+row skincare range allergy free?

It is impossible to say that any skincare product is allergy free because we can have allergies to even the purest ingredients. For example, plenty of people develop allergies to natural foods, such as nuts, soy or wheat. If you suffer from such allergies, we suggest you seek medical advice and, if approved by your doctor, first test any new skin care product on a small patch of skin, such as the back of your neck.

However, we can say that by removing harmful chemicals we reduce the likelihood of a skin reaction. For example, most mainstream skincare products contain an ingredient labelled as ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’. This is a combination of ingredients that do not need to be disclosed, as they are deemed to be a ‘trade secret’. Sometimes this ingredient can contain up to a thousand different substances, mostly chemicals, any of which can cause an allergic reaction. The problem then is that you have no way of knowing what exactly caused your reaction. We suggest you stay away from any chemical-laden skincare products.

How is the scent of griffin+row products best described?

Because our products are all natural, with no chemical additives or preservatives, the fragrance of our products is natural too. The light natural scent, particularly of our moisturisers, comes from a number of our ingredients including Fragonia, a relatively new essential oil known for its healing, emotionally uplifting properties, akin to tee tree, It has a slightly floral aroma that has been likened to eucalyptus. Other ingredients such as rosemary, lavender oil, pink grapefruit oil, bergamot and sandalwood essential oil contribute to the lovely aroma of our products and also have a calming and refreshing effect.

Are griffin+row products tested on animals?

No, griffin+row products are not tested on animals. We believe that testing skincare products on animals is cruel and unnecessary.

Are griffin+row products suitable for pregnant women?

As our products are free from harmful chemicals and are based on the concept of using only daily essentials, our range is very suitable for pregnant women.

griffin+row has been designed to provide maximum care for your skin for minimum effort. We know women are time poor, juggling children, work and life generally. griffin+row reflects the belief of many dermatologists that we do need to do something for our skin everyday – but we don’t need complicated regimes or products that are simply designed to increase the sales of a brand.

That’s why we are focused only on the steps we need to slow down skin ageing- cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and moisturise.

At what age should I start using an anti-ageing cream?

We believe that ‘age-proofing’ your skin with a daily skincare regime is really a lifetime’s occupation, just as a healthy diet and regular exercise is the best way to ensure continued well-being. Our 5 easy-to-use products can be used every day, morning and night on young and not-so-young skin.

Developing a good, simple skincare routine can begin early in the teenage years as skin starts to see the effects of hormones. Using Cleanse each morning in the shower, followed by a gentle wipe with our Exfoliate cloth will remove dead skin cells and accumulated skin residue. Follow this with a light mist spray of Hydrate to give skin a healthy drink before applying a small amount of Nourish moisturiser to protect against the climate of the day – be it indoors in heating or air-conditioning or outdoors in the elements.

Our daily skincare routine should include not only our face but our neck and chest – many of us forget these areas in our age-proofing routine.

Why use a cloth for exfoliating?

griffin+row believes that everything we do to the skin should be very gentle. Most exfoliants contain small beads which cause damage to the skin (such as broken capillaries). The griffin+row cloth is wonderfully gentle yet effective.

Why is there a bitter taste to Hydrate?

Many extracts from powerful healing plants have a bitter taste.

How close to my face should I spray Hydrate?

Spray far enough away to get a light even spray all over the face with eyes closed.

Will my makeup run if I use Hydrate to moisten my skin during the day?

No, not if you use the spray at a distance – the fine mist will simply refresh and rehydrate your tired skin. You can do this before going out at night and it will save you doing a whole new face of makeup!