Hydrate – Skin hydration spray

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Step 3: hydrate

An uplifting spray designed to give you an instant refresh. This natural and alcohol free solution contains centess+complex to help maintain natural moisture balance. Use morning and night to aid the absorption of Nourish and/or Enrich. Keep Hydrate in your handbag and use any time to revive tired, dehydrated skin.

Contains: centess+complex, purified water and essential oils.

How to use Hydrate

This essential product prepares the skin for Nourish and Enrich.
Use during the day to revive tired, dehydrated skin.
Great to use in air conditioned environments to rehydrate the skin.

Simply spray a few spritzes of Hydrate over the face – spray from a distance that enables you to cover your entire face in a light even mist.


How close should I spray Hydrate?
With eyes closed, spritz far enough away to allow a light even spray all over the face.

Will my makeup run if I use Hydrate to moisten my skin during the day?
Not if you use the spray at a distance – the fine mist will simply refresh and rehydrate your tired skin. You can do this before going out at night and it will save you doing a whole new face of make up!

What’s the best way to ensure the smooth spread and absorption of Nourish and Enrich into my skin?
We suggest you apply a light spray of Hydrate to your face before applying Nourish or Enrich. This will lock in the moisture and provide the necessary hydration your skin needs – all day and every day.



Inspired by nature, exclusive to griffin+row, centess+complex is a unique cocktail of powerful botanical extracts (including centipeda cunninghamii) with highly effective antioxidant, protective and revitalising properties.

Hydrate – An uplifting spray designed to deliver an instant refresh. A reviving hydrating solution that assists in combating dry skin. This alcohol-free solution contains centess+complex to help maintain natural moisture balance.

Step 3 of our five-step daily skin care system for healthy skin.

Use: Apply spray to face and neck to moisten and refresh after cleansing mornng and night. Carry all day and use any time in dehydrating environments to prevent skin dryness.

Ingredients: Purified water, polysorbate 20, sorbitol, sodium PCA, glycerin (vegetable), sodium hydroxy methyl clycianate, citric acid,
and centess+complex: Centipeda cunninghamii extract (old man weed), agonis fragrans (fragonia) oil, agonis fragrans (fragonia) hydrosol, vitis vinifera extract, santalum spicatum (west Australian sandalwood) oil, undaria pinnafida (wakame) extract, lentinus edodes (shiitake) extract

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