Exfoliate – Natural exfoliant cloth

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Step 2: exfoliate

The griffin+row natural exfoliant cloth is a very gentle exfoliant for daily use. While the skin has its own system of cell renewal we need to assist the exfoliating process by wiping the skin to remove the dead cells from the surface. Clean skin is able to breathe and therefore to function more easily. It’s a 100% organic muslin cotton cloth (oxygen not chlorine bleached) and is long lasting, easy to care for and packaged for travelling.

In addition to its cleansing and exfoliating uses, the cloth is also great to use as a mask. Use Cleanse to clean your face and use the cloth to wipe it clean. Apply Hydrate and over that apply Enrich. Rinse the cloth thoroughly with warm water, wring it dry and place it over your face and neck for a few minutes.

How to use Exfoliate

Use in conjunction with griffin+row Cleanse. Once you’ve lathered Cleanse over your face and neck, use the exfoliant cloth to gently wipe away while rinsing. This is easy in the shower and is in fact 2 of our 5 steps in 1!


Why use a cloth for exfoliating?
griffin+row believes that everything we do to the skin should be very gentle. Most exfoliants contain small beads which cause damage to the skin (such as broken capillaries). The griffin+row cloth is wonderfully gentle yet effective.

How is the griffin+row natural exfoliant cloth different to other exfoliants?

Most scrubs, and many exfoliators, contain abrasives that damage your skin by breaking the capillaries – those tiny blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. The results are visible blood vessels on your skin, an increased occurrence of rosacea, more acne-prone skin and faster skin ageing.

The griffin+row natural exfoliant cloth is made of layers of soft muslin cotton that gently removes dead skin, allowing the skin to breathe and assisting with the skin’s natural renewal processes.



A double-purpose cleansing and gentle exfoliating natural cotton cloth. This daily procedure removes dead skin cells and helps your skin regain its natural radiance.

Step 2 of your five step daily skin care system for healthy skin.

Use: After using Cleanse and rinsing off, dampen cloth and wipe over face and neck. Use daily for visible results.

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Exfoliate - Natural exfoliation cloth
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