Enrich – Luxurious night cream

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Step 5: Enrich – A luxurious antioxidant cream that locks in moisture



Assists restoration of the skin’s acid mantle by replenishing lipid content of the skin.



Neutralises free radicals and supports the skin’s natural immune response.



Ideal for mature skin or for use at night when ingredient absorption is heightened.



Defends against irritation and sensitivity by strengthening the skin’s protective barriers.

20 essential oils and botanical extracts in one convenient package

A luxurious cream suited to mature and dry skins or for use as a night cream for normal skins in need of an extra boost. Enrich contains a cocktail of anti-inflammatory botanical extracts and rich natural oils to soothe sensitive skin and replenish lipids in drier skins. Enrich is easily absorbed into the skin, where it fights free radicals, locks in moisture and provides antiaging and regenerative benefits.

Fundamentals of skin moisturisation

(Part 2)

Intrinsic versus extrinsic ageing

Naturally, your skin will begin to age from around your mid 20’s. Ageing is due to a range of intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) factors. Intrinsic factors are all related to genetics. Therefore you will have a very good idea of how your skin will age by looking at your parents. Extrinsic factors are related to pollution, sun exposure and lifestyle. So what happens to your skin as you age?
  • Epidermal cell turnover slows down creating coarse skin.
  • Oil production diminishes, reducing the effectiveness of the protective acid mantle, and increasing dehydration.
  • Production of collagen and elastin slows down, creating sagging and wrinkles.
  • Skin pigmentation becomes irregular, creating age spots.
  • Weakened capillary structure resulting in vascular irregularities.
  • Wrinkles begin to form from repetitive facial expression, but may not become noticeable until your fifties.
What can you do? Skin ageing cannot be prevented, but it can be delayed. Intrinsic factors cannot be changed, as they are related to genetics. But visible signs of ageing can be addressed with good skincare and by addressing extrinsic factors, such as by ensuring that your skin is kept well hydrated, by not overexposing the skin to direct sunlight, by getting enough sleep and by generally leading a healthy lifestyle. It is never too early and never too late to start taking care of your skin. Take care of your skin now and you will see visible results in years to come.

Why two different moisturisers?

The griffin+row skincare routine contains two moisturisers, Nourish and Enrich, which can be used differently. Our general recommendation is that you use Nourish during the day and Enrich as a night cream. For this reason, most people use both moisturisers in their daily skincare routine. But depending on your skin type or circumstances, you may have a preference for one or the other.


  • Lighter texture.
  • Ideal for under makeup.
  • All skin types especially oily and combination, as it contains more jojoba oil to reduce breakouts.
  • Great for use before exercise and sport.


  • Richer texture.
  • Can be worn as a night cream.
  • All skin types especially dry and mature contains sweet almond and soybean oils to increase radiance in mature skin.
  • Great in very dehydrated environments, such as when travelling on a plane.
  • As an energising mask.

Skin’s response to seasonal changes

In cooler weather, circulation and oil production to the skin slows and your skin may not retain moisture as well as it does in warm weather. The cooler months are also characterised by increased shower time, hot baths and indoor heating. These can all cause damage to your capillaries and further dehydrate your skin. Your skin may therefore feel drier and more taut as a result. In warmer weather, oil is more fluid and flows more freely onto the surface of the skin. This means that you are less inclined to develop congestion and imperfections, such as whiteheads and blackheads and in perfect conditions, your skin is less inclined to dehydrate due to the increased humidity. On the other hand, air-conditioned environments and the harsher summer sun will both dehydrate your skin.

Many people feel that they need to use a richer moisturiser, such as Enrich, during winter months and a lighter cream, such as Nourish, during summer. This, of course, varies from person to person and is entirely up to you.

Using Enrich as a face mask

To create an energising facial mask, first, prepare your skin with the first three steps of the griffin+row skin care process.
  1. Use Cleanse to remove oil, makeup and pollution that has settled on your skin
  2. Use Exfoliate to gently remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin
  3. Use Hydrate to amplify the hydration effects of the mask
Apply a thick layer of Enrich over your face, neck and decolletage. We recommend you then sit or lie calmly for 20 minutes to allow the mask to penetrate deeply.

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griffin+row starter kit

Each griffin+row product has a particular role and prepares the skin for the next skincare step. Products work best when used together. The griffin+row starter kit includes the complete system, with everything you need packed in a convenient bonus bag.

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