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Step 1: Cleanse – Finally, a cleanser that works, but doesn’t dehydrate

A botanically enriched natural cleanser that lathers to gently remove impurities, pollutants and makeup.


Ingredients selected for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.



Removes all makeup including eye makeup and lipstick in one action.



A unique hydrating formula that deeply cleans without stripping your skin.

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Counteracts pollution

Anti-oxidant ingredients that neutralise the harmful effects of pollution.

Cleanse is a unique formulation that will emulsify oil, makeup and pollution and then rinse off completely without stripping the skin of its protective acid mantle. Cleanse will leave your skin clean, refreshed and hydrated whilst restoring your skin’s natural pH balance.

Fundamentals of cleansing

Focus on cleansing

Poor cleansers contribute to skin dehydration and ageing. Here is why:

Healthy skin has a natural acid mantle, which acts as a protective barrier against bacteria, fungus and dehydration. The pH level of a healthy acid mantle is around 5.6, which is slightly acidic.

Soap, foaming or harsh cleansers remove the protective acid mantle. Your skin feels squeaky clean and dry. The problem with this is that your skin becomes sensitised, flakey and dehydrated.


Cleanse is a unique formulation that is gentle enough to emulsify oil, makeup and pollution without stripping the skin of its protective acid mantle. Cleanse rinses off completely, leaving the skin refreshed.

What’s so bad about dehydration?

  • Dehydrated skin makes you look older.
  • Optimal absorption of the ingredients in your moisturiser is inhibited in dehydrated skin.
  • Lines and wrinkles form faster on dehydrated skin.
  • Static lines are deeper on dehydrated skin.
  • Facial expression lines form faster on dehydrated skin.
  • Dehydrated skin is more likely to develop itchiness, sensitivities and irritations.

Spotlight on pollution – Part 1

Cleanse removes pollution from your skin. Air pollution is created by industrial and car emissions. Pollution is most concentrated in cities but is also spread by wind and rain to rural areas. Pollution is comprised of particles that are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. Scientists refer to them as “particulate matter” or “PM”.

1. Oil, dirt, makeup and particulate matter (PM) settles on the surface of the skin. It sticks and needs to be removed. 2. If allowed to settle on the skin, particulate matter will penetrate in between the cells of the epidermis and into the pores. Once here, these foreign particles activate a cascade of destructive biological reactions that measurably result in age spots and wrinkles.

Antioxidants are the skin’s defence against free radicals. They are contained naturally in the skin. When pollution levels increase, however, our skins’ natural defence mechanisms are overloaded and premature ageing is initiated.

griffin+row Cleanse contains centess+complex, a cocktail of pure plant extracts known for their antioxidant and regenerative properties directly targeting the causes of ageing, such as pollution.

Read part 2 of this pollution spotlight on the Nourish product page.

Why is it important that your cleanser is pH balanced?

The ideal pH of your skin is slightly acidic. Surprised? You might have expected that a pH of neutral is the desired outcome after cleansing, but in fact, your skin functions best if its natural acid mantle is left intact for three reasons:
  • Bacteria and fungus growth are inhibited in acidic environments.
  • An acidic environment indicates that cells are well coated with healthy lipids, and therefore transepidermal moisture loss (dehydration) is minimised.
  • If the acid mantle is stripped, then the chemical balance of the skin is upset, which means that the skins’ natural cell turnover process fails to work properly.
If you use foaming cleansers with high pH and alkaline formulations, the chances are they’re stripping away your skin’s acid mantle. Many people will enjoy the feeling of this, as your skin will initially feel squeaky clean when the acid mantle is removed. However, destroying the acid mantle will make your skin prone to bacterial invasion and irritation. Worse than that, your skin will prematurely age without its protective acid mantle.

Cleansing is supposed to be pH balancing. In other words, the process should leave your skin with an ideal pH level of about 5.6; either leaving a healthy pH balance intact or restoring the pH level of skin that has been stripped by poorly formulated skincare products.

Too Acidic: Skin tends to become red, inflamed and painful to touch and prone to acne breakouts. Overly acidic skin is often caused by daily use of skincare products containing alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s). Healthy skin: Healthy skin is slightly acidic. It is glowing, hydrated, soft and less prone to premature ageing. Too Alkaline: Skin becomes dry and sensitive; prone to eczema and inflammation and more prone to developing fine lines and wrinkles than acid-balanced skin. Alkaline skin is often caused by stripping away all the natural oils with soap or foaming cleansers and leaves it prone to chronic dryness.

Frequently asked questions

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griffin+row starter kit

Each griffin+row product has a particular role and prepares the skin for the next skincare step. Products work best when used together. The griffin+row starter kit includes the complete system, with everything you need packed in a convenient bonus bag.

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