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Naturally effective skincare founded on passion, healthy living and positivity

griffin+row was founded in 2008 by Marcia Griffin and Yvonne Row, both very successful and prominent businesswomen.

Yvonne Row, a former model and Lady Mayoress of Melbourne, was the founder of Passionfoods, the first organic supermarket in Melbourne. While Yvonne was running the supermarket, people kept asking for a natural skincare range. Thus the idea of griffin+row was born!

Marcia Griffin served as the CEO of Pola Cosmetics Australia for 16 years, and is a previous winner of the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award.

Together, they saw a need to bridge the gap between healthy eating, healthy living and skincare. They believed all are intrinsically linked, and so they created griffin+row.

griffin+row was founded on the belief that, while we can’t stop the ageing process, we can age positively and beautifully and retain healthy-looking skin via a daily skincare routine free from harmful chemicals, This, combined with a healthy diet, exercise and positive attitude, is the key to healthy, vibrant skin. And this shouldn’t cost us a fortune!

griffin+row reflects the deepest values of staying true to one’s purpose and the importance of looking after ourselves so we can be our best.

Both Marcia and Yvonne have now retired from active management at griffin+row. However, the current management is committed to staying true to their original philosophy. Marcia still maintains a keen interest in the company and is involved in an advisory role.



If you’re interested in learning more about Marcia’s philosophy to life, we suggest you read her latest book Finding New Meaning in Life, which she has co-authored with Dr. Paul McQuillan, a prominent psychologist, The book can be purchased from her website: http://www.marciagriffin.com.au