Our Philosophy (OLD)

Naturally effective skincare

griffin+row is a healthy, affordable and smart choice for all women who want to look and be their best, are interested in saving time and money, and want a simple, effective, practical solution that will enhance their lives and appearance.

Ingredients first

Our journey always starts with the ingredients, unlike most cosmetics companies that start with a (usually very low) target production cost. This is unusual in the industry, but it’s because we think that skincare is about skin health and is not a fashion item. We don’t compromise on our ingredientsWe aim to produce a range that is suitable for all skin types and ages, just as healthy food is good for all.

Live positively

The griffin+row range has been created for those who want to live positively and well and people who are not influenced by expensive and often misleading advertising. Most skincare ranges on the market today are too complicated and contain unnecessary products.

griffin+row is determined to stay true to the purpose of giving our customers only the very best daily care for their skin, with a regime that is affordable, time efficient and easy to apply.


griffin+row cares about smart, sustainable lifestyles for the good of our earth. Using only the products that are essential for daily skincare protection also avoids waste and unnecessary expense.

In keeping with our values, we are committed to delivering our products in no-waste, recyclable packaging to minimise our carbon footprint.

Our range is free from harmful chemicals. This means no artificial fragrances, artificial colouring, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics and animal products. Our products are not tested on animals.