Our Philosophy

World’s best ingredients
griffin+row’s product development journey always starts with the ingredients. We source the best quality ingredients, tailored to the needs of your skin, and make the most natural and healthy range of skincare products available.

Skincare essentials
Our focus is on the needs of your skin. We don’t carry a large range of products just for the sake of it. This means skincare that works, combined with an educational offering that allows you to make informed choices when it comes to skincare.

Affordable pricing
We choose to keep prices low by selling direct. By eliminating middlemen along the value chain, we can offer the world’s best quality products at truly affordable prices.


World’s best ingredients

We never compromise on
ingredient quality

What it means:

Ingredients that are natural.
Ingredients that are effective.
Ingredients that are good for the environment.
Ingredients that are good for your skin.
Ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals.
Ingredients that are of the highest quality.

Ingredients we use on our own skin!

Skincare essentials

We don’t do everything.
We do skincare very, very well.

What it means:

Skincare that works.
Skincare that is simple.
Skincare that is essential.
Skincare that makes sense.
Skincare that you can understand.

Everything your skin needs, all your skin needs and everything you need to know about your skin.

Affordable pricing

Our direct selling model means that we can deliver the highest quality ingredients in the most effective formulation at affordable prices.

Traditional retail

Multiple markups mean:

Cheap ingredients. Affordable retail price.
Good ingredients. Expensive retail price.

Higher prices or lower quality because of higher costs, including multiple markups, decentralised warehousing, expensive retail outlets and wasteful packaging.

Direct distribution

Single markup means:

Good ingredients.
Affordable retail price.


Sold direct from central warehouse in minimal packaging to cut down on marketing and distribution costs.