Night time offers a rich opportunity for skin repair

Most of us know that a lack of adequate sleep causes our skin to look tired and lifeless, that’s why we call it getting our ‘beauty sleep’. The reason for this is that sleep is an important function in the body’s cell renewal process. As well as allowing us to refresh our mental faculties, sleep provides the body with the opportunity to refresh and regulate many of its systems. Hormone synthesis and growth of new muscle tend to peak during sleep and feed into the repair of tissue, including skin cells. Increased blood flow assists in the synthesis of collagen, the building block of healthy skin which supports cell renewal and gives skin its elasticity. Melatonin production also peaks at night and acts as a natural antioxidant to reduce the damage caused by exposure to the sun and other environmental factors.

Sleep on its own however is not sufficient to fight the signs of ageing. In order for healthy cell renewal to take place, skin needs to be primed to be in its best state. A good night time cleansing routine is the first step in this process. Dirt and oil that accumulate during the day can block pores, causing blemishes to develop overnight. Cleansing properly removes makeup and debris, caused by pollution and the accumulation of dead cells, from the skin’s surface. In addition, moisture loss from the skin is at its highest during the later stages of sleep. As more than 60% of the skin is made up of water, applying a barrier to prevent moisture loss is the vital next step to support healthy cell renewal. The stronger this barrier, the greater the amount of moisture retained which is why creams applied at night tend to be richer.

griffin+row’s Enrich Antioxidant night cream contains sweet almond and soybean oils to create a rich barrier of moisture on the skin. Joined by 18 other essential oils containing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps fight the damage caused by free radicals while keeping skin hydrated. Formulated as a night cream it can also be used by day during the winter months when skin is drier, or for more mature skin that suffers from greater moisture loss. As we age, skin naturally loses elasticity and moisture as the production of both collagen and natural oils diminish. While this starts during our 20’s, the signs become more noticeable during our 40’s when the cumulative effects of environmental damage take hold. Investing in a good skin care regimen from our 20’s onwards can help mediate the signs of damage. In particular, by moisturising at night we give skin the opportunity to repair and heal.

Enrich is also suitable for use in the delicate eye area and as a face mask to help boost moisture levels when skin is dry and lacklustre. Containing oil extracts from natural botanicals such as avocado and rosehip, as well as griffin+row’s exclusive centess+complexTM, it delivers intense moisture where skin needs it most. As the final step griffin+row’s simple skin care system, Enrich works best when supported by their other products designed to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and moisturise. With a philosophy that focuses on providing the consumer with skin care essentials, the range was developed to provide “naturally effective skincare” at affordable prices. Available to buy directly from their website, their products aren’t caught up in the supply chain of distribution that increases the cost to the consumer. As a result, their customers receive the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Founded in 2008 by Australian businesswomen Marcia Griffin and Yvonne Row, the company has its roots in the belief ageing positively can be achieved using natural products which are free from harmful chemicals. With an approach that sees skin health as an extension of healthy living, ingredients are sourced based on their quality and manufactured to the highest standards in Australia. As well as containing nothing artificial, this philosophy of promoting a healthy lifestyle extends to how they develop and market their products, meaning their packaging contains minimal waste and all of their products are cruelty-free. So those interested in sustainable lifestyles can sleep soundly knowing both their skin care needs and the environment are taken care of.