Menopause doesn’t mean you can’t have fabulous skin

Your skin changes during menopause

As menopause begins, oestrogen levels decline, which leads to a loss of hydration, a decrease in sebum production and an increase in fine lines and wrinkles.

Dry skin
Your skin produces less oil and sebum than it used to.

Moisture isn’t retained as well due to impaired barrier function.

File lines and wrinkles
Due to thinner, drier and less elastic skin.

These can dull the appearance of your skin. However, there’s a way to give your complexion a glow you can’t wait to show.

How to conquer these changes and restore natural radiance

There are many ways in which a quality skincare routine may help compensate for the changes experienced during and after menopause, such as replenishing skin hydration, skin oil levels and by working to re-boost collagen. A simple yet powerful application of skincare products such as our griffin+row Hydrate and Nourish just twice a day can significantly help compensate for skin dryness provoked by falling oestrogen levels, by focusing on hydration and anti-oxidant conditioning.

Transform your skin in just 4 weeks

The combination of botanical oils and nutrients in our griffin+row products, combined with the skin’s natural regeneration cycle, will deliver visible results that both you and your friends will notice in 28 days. Our daily skincare routine is formulated address real underlying causes of so-so skin, not just masking symptoms, transforming your skin to fabulous in around 4 weeks.

Don’t just accept so-so skin during menopause. Menopause doesn’t mean you can’t have fabulous skin! Try our griffin+row starter pack today, which has all the natural ingredients your skin needs to resist the effects of aging. See genuine results for yourself, today.

Real life results

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from real women just like you who have transformed their skin in just four weeks with our complete griffin+row skincare range. —– Testimonials —–

Want to learn more about your skin?

Learning more about the changes your skin undergoes over time is an empowering way to take control of your skin’s health. We recommend you read our two educational articles on mature skin and hormones and your skin, to find out more about the cause and prevention of the signs of ageing.