griffin + row clean up with natural skincare

For many Australian women, trying to choose the right skincare product can result in sleepless nights. With so many options available it is hard to know which one is right for your skin type. Dry, sensitive, combination or oily? Under 30, over 40 or mature skin? Then there’s the packaging. The right combination of sparkle and colour at the cosmetics counter can seduce most of us at fifty paces. But what about the contents; the ingredients? What are we actually putting onto our skin, and is it good for us in the long term?

With more of us interested in healthier lifestyles than ever before, shouldn’t we be as discerning about what we put onto our skin as we are about what we put in our bodies? After all, what is the point of eating organic and drinking our daily quota of water if we are simply going to smother our skin with chemicals? Which is why more women are turning to natural skincare lines, and when Australian women want natural skincare products, they know they can rely on griffin + row.

Founded in 2008, griffin + row’s philosophy of delivering ‘naturally effective skincare’ is underpinned by the belief skincare should be driven by health instead of fashion. Rather than develop different products for different age groups, they believe that like a healthy diet the best skincare products should use only natural ingredients. Their ingredients-first approach ensures each product is developed using the best combination of natural extracts to deliver a simple regime designed to nourish skin. This philosophy is also behind their gentle water-soluble Skin cleanser, Cleanse, designed to remove impurities without stripping the skin of its moisture.

As the number one step in any skincare regimen, cleansing should remove dirt and debris while keeping the skin moist. However, soap and other traditional cleansers such as those that contain foaming agents can strip the skin of its natural protective barrier: the acid mantle. While the immediate results can be impressive, leaving us with that squeaky clean feeling, the longer term effects can be skin that is dehydrated and dry.

Surprisingly the skin’s natural pH level is actually slightly acidic, with a pH balance of about 5.6. Many cleansing products are either too alkaline or too acidic, resulting in a skin pH that is off-balance one way or the other. If they are too alkaline, they strip away the acid mantle leaving skin dry and prone to premature ageing. If they are too acidic, such as those containing alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s), they can cause inflammation leading to breakouts.

To combat this, griffin+row have formulated their cleanser with botanical extracts to remove dirt and impurities while retaining the natural pH balance of the skin. Containing their proprietary centess+complex, a “cocktail of the purest plant extracts known for their antioxidant and regenerative properties,” it cleanses without removing moisture. In addition, they stress that unlike many traditional cleansers, a toner is not needed with this product. In fact, as toners remove excess oil from cleansers that aren’t pH balanced, they don’t carry one in their range.

They do recommend however cleansing both in the morning and at night. Many women think cleansing is only necessary during the evening to remove dirt and makeup, however, as we sleep, the skin produces sebum as well as shedding cells. The combination of these can lead to debris on the skin’s surface and result in blockages that eventually cause blemishes. Cleansing in the morning removes this problem, as well as preparing the skin for maximum absorption of moisturiser before it is applied.

As the first step in a simple programme designed to treat all skin types, griffin + row’s Cleanse embodies their philosophy of delivering ‘naturally effective skincare’ for women interested in ‘saving time and money.’ So much so that they even have a convenient Starter Kit containing all five of their products. Extending this philosophy to their packaging and production, all of which is guided by an ethic of sustainability, has resulted in a range of no-nonsense skincare designed to complement a healthy lifestyle.

So, no more tossing and turning about the best product for your skin type, by opting for griffin + row you only need to concentrate on getting your beauty sleep!