Exfoliant cloths outperform traditional scrubs

Most of us know the importance of exfoliating as part of a good skincare regime to ensure skin remains looking fresh. The body is continually making new skin cells, and shedding them. In fact, we lose up to 40,000 skin cells in a single day. While this relates to the entire body, those on the face are the most exposed, and the most in need of assistance when it comes to ensuring they don’t get left behind. The skin on the face has more sebaceous glands, those that excrete oils to protect the skin. As a result, skin cells have a harder time simply shedding away. Without exfoliation, the cells can become trapped on the skin’s surface, leading to blocked pores and imperfections. However, traditional exfoliant scrubs don’t always deliver when it comes to finding the best one for our skin type. One may be too harsh; another may not remove enough accumulated debris from the surface of the skin. Often, through a series of trial and error, we find one that suits us and tend to stick with it. However, our skin’s needs are constantly changing, not just over a lifetime, but throughout the year. Hormonal fluctuations, as well as environmental factors, can influence its condition. There may be times when it is drier and more sensitive, and others where it is oilier in patches. As a consequence, we can find our preferred scrub is no longer giving us the best results and have to start searching again for one that meets our needs. griffin+row, natural skincare specialists, have dispensed with having a facial scrub in their product range. Instead, they have opted for Exfoliate – an exfoliant cloth as an alternative. Unlike facial scrubs, exfoliant cloths don’t contain any chemicals which can be harsh on the skin. Even those made entirely from natural ingredients, containing seeds or ground kernels, can be harsh on the skin’s surface causing tiny scratches and dryness. Cloths, on the other hand, use natural fibres to gently buff the surface of the skin and only water to remove the dead cells. Used only two or three times a week, they are a gentle yet effective alternative to scrubs and enzyme based exfoliants. Made from four layers of 100% natural muslin cotton, griffin+row’s Exfoliate cloth is environmentally friendly and able to withstand up to 100 uses. Its textured surface helps prevent congestion on the surface of the skin that leads to blackheads and blocked pores. It also helps to boost circulation, allowing for greater blood flow to the surface of the skin, creating a healthy, youthful complexion and minimising the signs of ageing. At 40cm2, it is larger than many of the other exfoliant cloths currently available and offers real value for money lasting for approximately 3 months. Small, light and easy to pack, it can be used in or out of the shower and is quick-drying making it ideal for taking with you when travelling. griffin+row’s Exfoliate cloth embodies their philosophy of delivering ‘naturally effective skincare’ to women interested in ‘saving time and money.’ Guided by their ethic of sustainability it is an integral part of their skin care regime. In line with their belief skin care should be approached as a question of health rather than fashion, it is suitable for all skin types. Available as part of their convenient Starter Kit it achieves optimal results when used in conjunction with their other products. Gently and evenly exfoliating, it is designed to prepare skin for maximum absorption of their moisturisers containing pure botanical extracts. These work together to support the skin’s natural functions with minimum interference. The result is a youthful, radiant complexion nourished with products that are kind to the environment.