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Your dry skin is causing premature ageing - what can you do about it?

“I want to look older than my years”

Said no woman ever.

 At some stage in our lives, we will all suffer from dry skin. 

  • Some are born with dry skin
  • Those born with eczema will often have dry skin throughout their lives despite growing out of their eczema.
  • Menopause will drastically change the hormonal makeup of women and can, in itself, cause dry skin.
  • Everyone’s skin will become drier with age.
  • The extent of our dry skin can be exacerbated by genetics, the seasons, pollution, hormonal changes, stress, smoking and poor diet.

What is dry skin?

Dry skin is quite simply a lack of oil.

Moisture is lost more easily from dry skin as it is prone to becoming dehydrated and sensitive as there is a lack of oil to provide lubrication and protection.

Dry skin tends to be more alkaline than it should be and because this slows the natural process of shedding dead skin cells, the skin’s surface becomes rough, tight and uncomfortable.

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First, The Bad News

  • Dry skin causes premature ageing. Dry skin can be flakey or sensitive.

  • Dry skin is the leading cause of adult pimples or acne (yep….it’s not usually oily skin in adults, it is dry skin that causes those hideous breakouts).

  • Wrinkles are deeper and more obvious. Dry skin looks unhealthy and feels worse.

  • Dry skin will inhibit the effective penetration and absorption of skincare products. It’s a bit like trying to water a desert, the product will simply sit on the surface.

  • Many products on the market claim to combat the signs of premature ageing however without working in harmony with your skin’s natural cell regeneration process, their solutions will literally only be surface level and with continued use, your dry skin will return.

Thankfully griffin+row has a simple solution to combat the effects of dry skin.

  • A five-step simple skincare system that takes less than 3 minutes each day.

  • No complicated routines,

  • No complicated applications,

  • Just beautifully noticeable results and hydrated skin.

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Step 1 – Cleanse

griffin+row Cleanse is a unique formulation that is gentle enough to emulsify oil, makeup and pollution without stripping the skin of its protective acid mantle. Cleanse rinses off completely, leaving the skin refreshed.

Step 2 – Exfoliate

griffin+row Exfoliate gently removes dead skin cells from the surface to reveal the younger skin below, thereby improving skin texture and reducing the depth of fine lines and wrinkles.

Step 3 – Hydrate

griffin+row Hydrate contains ingredients similar to the natural moisturising factors lacking in your skin. With the replenishment of these, your skin is now able to absorb the ingredients of your moisturiser, so that it can form a barrier on your skin to prevent further transepidermal moisture loss.

Step 4 – Nourish

griffin+row Nourish absorbs deeply into the epidermis and forms an antioxidant barrier to support the skin’s natural defence against pollution. A perfect day cream.

Step 5 – Enrich

Enrich contains a cocktail of anti-inflammatory botanical extracts and rich natural oils to soothe sensitive skin and replenish lipids in drier skins. Enrich is easily absorbed into the skin, where it fights free radicals, locks in moisture and provides antiaging and regenerative benefits. A perfect night cream of for everyday use on particularly dry skin.


The griffin+row starter Kit Contains all five elements of a perfectly balanced skin care routine and will start to work on all levels of your skin from day one. Plump, healthy, hydrated, glowing and more youthful looking skin will be revealed within just 28 days.