Dehydration leads to premature ageing of the skin

Nothing ages us more rapidly than dehydrated skin. Too much coffee or a night on the town can leave us looking tired and drawn. Many people don’t realise this is because almost two-thirds of skin is made up of water, and a lack of moisture causes skin cells to contract. The result is a dry, flaky surface that creates the perfect conditions for fine lines and wrinkles to develop. It is recommended we drink eight glasses of water a day to keep the skin looking moist and dewy. However, drinking water alone is not sufficient to rehydrate tired skin. The skin consists of a series of cells or keratinocytes that are held together by desmosomes. This tissue, known as the intercellular matrix between the keratinocytes contains Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs) to the cells and encourages the retention of moisture. Comprised of compounds such as amino acids, NMFs are supported by the consumption of water and are created during the process of keratinisation. Moisturisers provide a protective barrier on the skin’s surface to help seal in moisture; however, when skin is dehydrated it doesn’t absorb moisture to the same extent. As a consequence, even with regular consumption of water and use of moisturisers, skin can still appear dehydrated. Which is why griffin+row have developed their Hydrate skin hydration spray, designed to hydrate skin from the outside. Described as a moisture amplifier, it works to multiply the effect of moisturisers applied to the skin by facilitating the retention of moisture. For this to happen skin needs to be receptive and dry skin lacks sufficient moisture to do this. In replenishing NMF’s on the skin’s surface, it acts as a primer, creating optimal conditions for moisturisers to be absorbed. To facilitate the binding of the natural plant oils in griffin+row’s moisturisers to the skin, it acts as an NMF, supporting the retention of moisture. Oxidative stress caused by pollutants in the environment, natural loss of moisture due to ageing, along with stress, diet, and inadequate skin care regimes, can all contribute to dehydration of the epidermis or outer layer of skin. griffin+row’s Hydrate skin hydration spray works to counteract these negative effects by ensuring that the skin’s moisture level is kept consistent throughout the day and night. Rather than simply drinking water to help retain that moist, dewy glow, spraying NMF’s to hydrate the surface facilitates the absorption of moisture into the skin, helping to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Containing naturally sourced ingredients, the spray has a purified water base and contains glycerine and citric acid, along with their centess+complexTM. This proprietary blend of natural extracts has been formulated to help protect the skin’s natural pH balance and ensure it is kept in optimal condition. Designed to take the place of a toner they feel is an unnecessary addition to their range due to the natural pH balance of their products, they recommend using the spray post-cleansing to enhance the effects of moisturisers before they are applied. It can also be used as a pick-me-up throughout the day whenever skin is looking tired or feels in need of refreshment. One of the steps in griffin+row’s simple but effective daily skin care routine, their Hydrate skin hydration spray complements other products in their range designed to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. Their philosophy is based on the idea that skin care should be approached as a matter of health rather than fashion. So instead of developing different products for different skin types, there is one product for each task, designed to support all skin types and ages. This ingredients-first approach means skin is nourished with only the best natural extracts, allowing it to breathe and function with the minimum of interference. Keeping skin hydrated is the best protection there is against cellular degradation and loss of moisture that can lead to the appearance of ageing.