How to take 10 years off your age (no surgery required!)

Want to look fabulous fast? Here are 10 youth-fix tips that don’t involve plastic surgery

1. Exercise every day

Spend at least half an hour working out to keep your body firm and taut. Exercise benefits not only your figure, but reduces stress and focuses the mind. This is not optional.

 2. Wear fashion that suits you, don’t dress to suit fashion

Never choose your clothes based on the latest craze. Select styles which enhance your best features. Forgo shapeless garments in favour of tailored pieces that glide over not grip your body.

3. Flaunt your assets with style!

Allow for your hem to skim just over your knees and show off your calves (steer clear of full length garments as they can look frumpy). Same with your arms – three-quarter length shirts work a treat if your arms are not as firm as they used to be!

4. Find heels that compliment your outfit

Not all heels are created equal; specific heights suit specific silhouettes. For example, stilettos compliment outfits that elongate your body such as pants, while ankle straps make petite women appear shorter.

5. Choose colours wisely

Select colours that enable you to add bright accessories and pieces without looking gaudy. Shy away from large prints – they look dowdy! Remember the darker the colour, the slimmer you will look and you can always brighten and lighten with scarves and jewellery.

6. It’s all about the hair

Wear hair at a length (just above shoulder length) that is feminine; boy short cuts are really ageing as is waist length over 35! Fringes and layers around the face can hide a multitude of ageing signs, as does a good warm colour. With age, lighter hair is softer and more forgiving. Steer clear of jet black locks as they add years to the face.

7. Use makeup sparingly

Use makeup with discretion to enhance your best facial features. Less is definitely more in this instance; thin lips, for example, need light colours. The basic rule of thumb when applying makeup is that if you want to enhance a feature use a lighter colour, if you want to reduce a feature use a darker colour.

8. Skincare is paramount

Consider a daily skincare routine as important as a healthy diet and your minimum half hour of exercise! It’s never too late to invest in a good regime and begin to wear sunscreen! Make sure your products are free from harmful chemicals as they could in fact age the skin and do more damage than good.

9. Update your perfume

Perfume is seasonal and transitional – your signature scent that you’ve worn for 20 years may not be as fresh as it once was. Avoid heavy and musky scents like roses and lavender and opt for “youthful” spritzes like orange and honey.

10. Confidence is key

A great attitude, a warm smile and a positive approach to life speak volumes and the lines that form from smiling are much less ageing than frown lines!