Five Steps

griffin+row naturally effective skin care is specially designed to protect your skin’s beauty via five simple steps.

Many skincare ranges on the market today are too complicated and contain unnecessary products. The griffin+row range only has products that are essential to a daily skincare regime. We believe your daily routine should be uncomplicated so we’ve developed five naturally derived products for five simple skincare steps that can easily fit into your busy lifestyle.

Step 1: Cleanse

The first step in your daily skincare routine is to cleanse to gently remove impurities, pollutants and makeup. Cleanse, our botanically enriched natural cleanser cream, leaves your skin feeling ultra soft, clean and smooth. Use in the shower morning and night or after exercise. It couldn’t be simpler!

Step 2: Exfoliate

While the skin has its own system of cell renewal we need to assist the exfoliating process by wiping the skin to remove the dead cells from the surface, The griffin+row natural exfoliant cloth is a very gentle exfoliant for daily use. Combine with step 1 to wipe away Cleanse in the shower and you’re essentially doing 2 steps in 1 in just a couple of minutes!

Step 3: Hydrate

Step 3, Hydrate, takes a few short seconds and is important to give your skin an extra boost, an instant refresh, replenish the moisture in your skin cells and help maintain natural moisture balance. It will also aid the absorption of Nourish and/or Enrich, steps 4 and 5.

Step 4: Nourish

Every skincare routine involves moisturising, which helps address lack of hydration by creating a barrier that keeps water in your skin. Moisturisers also aid by rehydrating your skin to a certain extent, because they contain water. Step 4, Nourish, is a beautifully scented, rich, nurturing natural skin moisturiser that provides your skin with all day protection. Take a few moments to massage a small quantity into the skin on your face and neck morning and night after Hydrate to lock in vital moisture.

Step 5: Enrich

Step 5 – Enrich – is a luxurious antioxidant night cream with a higher concentration of centess+complex used to boost the efficiency of Nourish. Massage in nightly and whenever your skin needs extra nourishment to rebalance dryness and regain natural radiance.


Key to the products in our five simple steps are our all natural ingredients.