Facial Mask Procedure

No matter what your skin type or concern, a facial mask can help alleviate the condition.

Applying a facial mask once or twice a week leaves skin cleaner, more properly hydrated and accepting of potent products, such as griffin+row Enrich. This small step can lead to big improvements in skin texture, appearance and overall health.

A few facts about facial masks:

  • Masks help to purge pores of clogging oils and makeup, preventing acne flare ups.
  • Water and/or (good) oil content in masks plump out fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Masking effectively transports a high concentration of anti-ageing ingredients into the skin.

griffin+row makes applying a facial mask easy, while utilising the products you already know and love! The secret is in the dual-use Natural Exfoliant Cloth. Follow these easy steps for a simple, relaxing facial mask that utilises your existing griffin+row products:

  • Apply a generous spritz of Hydrate then a layer of Enrich.
  • Immerse your cloth in warm water and wring out the excess.
  • Put on some soothing music, lay down on the couch and place your cloth over your face.

The warmth will gently open pores, allowing all the delicious active ingredients of Hydrate and Enrich to seep deep into the skin. Five minutes is all you need to reap the awesome benefits of this simple facial mask.

griffin+row skincare products are formulated with an exclusive blend of extracts and oils called centess+complex. Our ingredients such as shitake extract calm inflammation which stems from acne, rosacea, and even stress. The unique and rare use of gukwonderuk extract, a medicinal plant used to heal wounds for centuries, is antibacterial. Giving these high effective ingredients more “face” time will leave you with a dewy, radiant, evenly toned complexion no matter your age!