Create a mindful skincare routine

With so much talk of mindfulness lately, it’s easy to end up feeling overwhelmed and under pressure to actively implement the practice in our day to day life. Mindfulness does not need to be a complicated affair. In fact, you don’t always need to set aside time in your day to practice it. You need only find ways to go about your regular tasks with a more mindful approach. At griffin+row, we’re fans of creating a mindful skincare routine; one that helps us to feel more present and appreciate the time we take to nourish our skin. Here are three steps to turning your skincare regime from slap-dash to mindful and present.
  1. Breathe

At its core, mindfulness is about returning to yourself in the present moment. One of the simplest ways to do this is by focusing on your breathing. Begin your skin care routine by taking three deep breaths; concentrate on filling and emptying your lungs completely. Once you do so, return to your normal breathing. You will notice that upon doing so your breath will return to a slower, more steady pace. Indulge in a few more deep breaths throughout your skincare. After applying the griffin+row Cleanse step, try running your Exfoliate cloth under warm water and placing it over your face for three more deep breaths. Allow yourself a moment to experience the sensations of warmth and pressure while you breathe in and out.
  1. It’s all about your senses

It’s natural to fly through the steps of your skin care – especially when it’s as simple as the griffin+row 5-step routine. When you perform the same thing each day it’s easy to turn on auto-pilot and not really think about what you’re doing. Next time you are going through the motions of your skin care routine, take note of the steps you are doing. As you cleanse, experience the texture of the product between your fingers and the way it feels as you massage it over your face. Take note of the way your warm cloth gently removes all oil and debris, leaving your skin fresh and clean. Feel the cooling spray of Hydrate to lightly settle on your skin and instantly add moisture and glow to your complexion. Then pay attention to the feeling of your fingertips as you softly pat your choice of moisturiser (Nourish or Enrich) into your skin and breathe in the natural fragrance of purely nourishing ingredients.
  1. Listen to your skin

When we are in a mindful space, it becomes easier to get in touch with things that might go beyond our notice. We gain clarity in what our body is telling us. Our skin is a fantastic communicator. Have you noticed you are dry in certain areas lately? Perhaps your skin has suddenly begun to produce oil like nobody’s business. Fluctuations are normal as we move from day to day, season to season. Yet it is important to be in touch with your body and pay attention to when these changes might have occurred. A mindful approach to our bodies allows us to understand the signs our skin is telling us. Use your skin care routine, morning and night, as a time when you return to the present moment and centre yourself. You will find that, like many before you, once you begin to practice mindfulness it seeps into other areas of your life as well. Good luck!