Age proof your skin with centess + complex and be grateful to nature

Eventually we all experience the natural effects of ageing. The 4 causes of skin ageing are lack of hydration, lack of oxygenation, free radical damage and diminished collagen. Discover centess+complex, a unique synergistic blend of the purest plant extracts and natural ingredients that directly target the causes of skin ageing for fast, visible results.


Lack of hydration

Dehydrated skin tends to feel tight, and looks dull, even when correctly moisturised. Lack of hydration is a major factor in skin ageing.


Moisturisation refers to the oil balance of your skin. In young and healthy skin, the sebaceous glands produce sufficient sebum, a type of oil, to maintain a healthy oil balance and good moisturisation.


Hydration refers to the water content of your skin, specifically the outer layer, which is called the epidermis. Well moisturised skin tends to keep water in, thus staying hydrated.

Lack of hydration

When skin cannot produce sufficient sebum, due to skin ageing or environmental factors, your skin is losing more water than it can naturally replenish. Moisturisers help address the lack of hydration by creating an oil-based barrier that keeps water in your skin. They also aid by re-hydrating your skin to a certain extent because they contain water.

However, if your skin is chronically dry, a moisturiser is not enough to restore your skin’s natural water balance. Use griffin+row Hydrate to replace water that has been lost, then apply a moisturiser (Nourish or Enrich) on top to lock the moisture in.

Ingredients addressing lack of hydration:

Undaria pinnatifida and lentinus edodes both act as natural humectants in the centess+complex formulation, retaining and preserving moisture in your skin.

Lack of oxygenation

Oxygen has both an upside and downside, as it can be involved in one of two physicochemical processes. That’s where it may get confusing.

Oxygenation = tissue revival

Oxygen is essential to the optimal function of living cells. When skin is young, it gets plenty of oxygen because it still works efficiently. But from the age of 25, skin oxygen levels begin declining. By the age of 40, your skin has lost about half of its ability to absorb and retain oxygen.

When skin lacks oxygen, blood vessels constrict, lowering circulation and cell turnover. The skin starts to look dull, which can add years to appearance. This is especially the case if you’re not getting enough sleep, experiencing stress or undergoing hormonal shifts.

Ingredients targeting lack of oxygenation:

vitis vinifera and lentinus edodes

Free radical damage

Oxidation = tissue decay

Oxidation, on the other hand, is the process of cells metabolising oxygen. The process creates free radicals that steal electrons from skin cell molecules, which causes damage to your skin. The process can be compared to an apple turning brown or steel rusting.

Antioxidants neutralise harmful free radicals, thus preventing skin damage.

Ingredients targeting free radicals damage:

centipeda cunninghamii and agonis fragrans

diminished collogen

Collagen is a fibrous protein responsible for maintaining your skin’s firmness. It is located in the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, below the epidermis, which is the skin’s structural layer.

As people age, natural collagen production is impaired and collagen fibres lose their elasticity, becoming more brittle, rigid and prone to breakage. This leads to a loss of skin suppleness, decreased skin elasticity, sagging, wrinkles as well as changes to the colour and texture of the skin.

Ingredients targeting diminished collagen:

santalum spicatum and agonis fragrans


centess+complex contains 6 unique Australian botanical ingredients that synergistically work to address the 4 causes of skin ageing. Learn more about our ingredients,


agonis fragrans

From Western Australia, this previously unknown essential oil has hydrating and balancing properties and a unique fragrance.

centipeda cunninghamii

This traditional Aboriginal medicinal plant extract has amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties. This plant is now being used extensively in natural anti-ageing formulations worldwide.

lentinus edodes

An essence derived from a bioactive fungus with anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and topically active polysaccharides. (chains of sugars which benefit immune cell function). Used extensively in Eastern medicine for renewal.

santalum spicatum

The world renowned West Australian sandalwood essential oil with powerful antioxidant activity.

undaria pinnatifida

A superior marine algae extract with anti-hyaluronidase, (hyalarondise degrades collagen) anti-elastase activity, (elastase degrades collagen) stimulates fibroblasts (fibroblasts are skin surface cells). A magnificent hydrating plant extract.

vitis vinifera

A particular South Australian wine grape seed extract with gentle emollient and stabalising properties and a powerful antioxidant capacity.