Case Study: Suzie

Having been lucky with my skin most of my life, I look for glow, hydration and natural products in the skincare I choose.

But I’m now at the stage where I’ve got mature skin and feeling the effects of years as a sun baby. So I jumped at the chance to try the griffin+row Starter Kit. I had no idea about the 28 day cycle, but I’ve always been suspicious of products that claim overnight miracles. I was pleasantly surprised to find one that embraces a more natural and realistic approach.

First impressions: It felt great on the skin – light, lush and lovely. Sinks in super easily, with no tacky feeling or greasy residue.

And after four weeks? My skin improved out of sight. I feel glowier, dewy and my skin is so healthy in texture, I barely have to wear any makeup.

I opted to use nourish in the morning and enrich in the evening. I also tweaked it a bit by adding a few drops of rosehip oil. I used to make my own skincare products, and rosehip oil is an old favourite of mine for its moisturising and anti-ageing benefits. griffin+row actually uses rosehip oil as one of their ingredients anyway, but with this little extra boost I found it was the perfect combination for my skin.

Of the five products in the starter kit, my favourite is the Hydrate spray. You use it in conjunction with a moisturiser – Nourish or Enrich, depending on your preference – to get the full moisturising and nutrient benefit.

I love that it’s Aussie made, cruelty free, affordable and full of natural ingredients. The whole kit is really amazing value for money, and one kit will last for ages.

I usually avoid posting shameless selfies on social media, but I’m off to post one now because my skin looks so good!