Case study: Nicole

I started using griffin+row a few weeks before I hit the big 5-0.

Graduating from the ‘forty-plus’ age bracket has definitely made me re-prioritise a few things in life, including a little extra time and focus for my skin.

I must admit, I’ve always been a little lax in that department. I’m guilty of having a bathroom cabinet overflowing with products picked up over the years (yes, some of them have been in there for years). Serums, masques, creams, toners… bottles of all shapes and sizes with one thing in common – I never get around to using them!

So I was keen to find something that was easy to work into a routine. I like to use chemical-free, cruelty-free brands that are Australian owned and made where I can, and griffin+row also ticked those boxes. Having the 28-day skin turnover cycle as a basis was a really good prompt to get me to stick with it for a full four weeks.

Although I didn’t expect a miracle, even after a few days of using it my skin definitely felt fresher. I’m a nurse, and I work in an air-conditioned environment so by the end of the day my skin knows it. After a shift my skin used to feel quite greasy and tired, but a week into the 28-day trial I noticed it wasn’t getting as oily as usual.

The trump card in my book is just how easy it is to use. Because I did stick with it! I even took it with me on my birthday holiday to Bali! Which, incidentally, meant I got to see how the products held up in a completely different environment, one with very high humidity. I’m happy to say, they stood up to the test.

One big birthday and 28 days later, my skin has improved in texture, and I feel like I have more of a glow. I’m quite pleased that I’ve maintained the habit of using it day and night even after the trial period, and I definitely plan to continue using it.