Case study: Lilit

Although I’ve got the odd wrinkle here and there, I’m pretty happy with my skin. But I was excited to see what griffin+row could do for me. They’re not kidding about nutrition for your skin – every bottle is packed full of nature- derived vitamins, minerals and skin goodness.

And, it comes with a side of education. Something I learned along my 28-day skincare journey? dry skin and dehydrated skin aren’t the same thing! (There’s a heap more info on the griffin+row website and in their little book of fabulous skin, I got it along with the starter pack). Turns out I had dehydrated skin – which requires a different approach to manage than just slapping on more moisturiser. The answer for me was Hydrate, which you spray on under your moisturiser for an added boost of hydration.

I gotta admit, the one product I was a little sceptical of was the Exfoliate cloth – I just wasn’t sold on a plain old cloth doing much for the skin. Well, after overlooking it for the first two weeks, on a whim I gave it a try and I stand corrected! It really helps gently remove a whole extra layer of makeup and general grime. Hello smoother, plumper and all-round glowier skin.

Let’s face it, we’ve all got better things to do than fuss over a skincare routine every morning and night. This combo is so simple to use if you have no time (or can't be bothered with) lengthy skincare routines.

Besides being Australian made, all natural and cruelty free, I’m a fan of the price tag. The products are super affordable and I’ve still got stacks leftover after using them for 28 days.