Case study: Kristy

I’m a fitness enthusiast so I’m very conscious of what goes into my body. But it’s equally important to think about what goes onto your body.

I love the all-natural angle of griffin+row. I’m also a massive dog lover, so cruelty-free is a no-brainer. It just feels better to be using products that align with my ethics. Plus it’s great to support Aussie brands.

The clear, straightforward explanations about the science behind griffin+row products are a great place to start if you’re new to learning about skincare and want to be sure you’re not just following the latest fad or getting caught up in marketing hype: It all adds up to confidence in the products you’re putting on your face!

Down to the nitty-gritty: I found the Exfoliate cloth was excellent at removing dead skin cells without roughing up or damaging my skin. But my favourite product in the range was the Enrich cream. It goes on like a balm but sinks in super easily, especially when combined with Hydrate. When I woke up it still felt like my skin had been freshly moisturised.

After using these products for 28 days my skin feels more supple. It bounces back easier. My pores appeared smaller, and my skin is loving the combination of all five products.

Overall, a no-fuss, affordable Australian brand packed with all-natural ingredients. Can’t go past that!