Case study: Florence

griffin+row has got so many things going for it – Australian made, ethical, natural, etc. But most importantly, it just works. It works for my skin, my lifestyle, and my budget… what more can you ask for?

My skin type is oily. In my quest to combat that in the past I’ve used products that were just so harsh, it left my skin with the opposite problem, dry and flaky. It’s hard to find a product with the right balance for an individual’s skin, especially as there are so many factors that affect your skin’s condition from day to day, like humidity levels, make-up, hormones, and diet.

That’s why I really respect griffin+row’s no-BS approach: that quality, natural skincare is suitable for all skin types. Using it helped balance out the oiliness while still leaving my skin looking well hydrated and dewy.

I love natural skincare products. I can really feel the difference in how nourished my skin feels using them. Plant-based natural ingredients are gentle on your skin and better for the environment. The 28-day trial convinced me that it worked for me. And now my skin looks and feels great.

Along with the cleansing produce and hydrating mist, I’ve been using the lightweight moisturiser (Nourish) for the day and heavier moisturiser (Enrich) for night time. Since using griffin+row I’ve been confident to go outside without even wearing make up at all!