Case study: Britt

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry in the beautify section in a previous life, I have seen skincare trends come and go. A lot of them. And I wasn’t immune! I’ve spend so much on skincare fads in the past.

Now I’m a busy mum and part-time teacher, and I’m a lot pickier about what I buy. Mostly, I want the brand to do the work for me. So my interest was piqued when I saw that’s pretty much what griffin+row has done.

You don’t have to worry about combinations, or whether your skin is ready for ‘anti-ageing’ products yet, or what ‘type’ your skin is – it’s designed for everyone. It also takes literally two minutes morning and night to use.

All the products are beautiful to the touch, lightweight and smell terrific. For my 28 day trial, I used the day moisturiser in my morning routine and the richer night moisturiser in the evening (I didn’t always cleanse my face in the morning, I don’t need to), and used the exfoliating cloth sort of ad hoc when I felt I needed it. But my staple and favourite was the hydrating mist. I used it every morning and night. I love how refreshing it is and how it helps with absorbing the rest of the products.

I also read the Little Black Book of Fabulous Skin, and found it compelling – especially as it gives you guidance in what to expect from your skin. Being informed is just so important, but it shouldn’t be difficult. I respect that griffin+row totally embraces that philosophy. It’s a very people-friendly brand!