Can this ancient Australian herb give you perfect skin?

There are many popular ingredients in skincare products, however, one component that’s becoming more prevalent is the ancient Australian herb Centipeda Cunninghamii. So, just what is this mysterious plant and how can it benefit the skin?

Its origins

Centipeda Cunninghamii was originally used by Aborigines to treat a range of illnesses, from coughs and colds, to aiding infections and wounds. Often described as ‘Old Man Weed’, its medicinal properties have made the plant well known in Australia. centipeda_cunninghamii-01 This plant, with its long branches, distinctively shaped leaves and heady aroma, was traditionally used by applying the leaves directly to the skin. Body heat would then cause oils from the leaves to be released and absorbed by the skin. It can also be used as a tea but caution is advised as it may be toxic if a large dose is consumed.  

Why it’s ideal for skincare

While this herb offers 4,000 times the reduction of inflammation in comparison to aspirin, its main skincare properties include minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promoting the regeneration of cells. Furthermore, it’s also highly effective in treating dry, parched skin. This natural component is used in the griffin+row product range due to its incredible anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and UV properties. It’s a perfect ingredient for a skincare range due to its natural form and ability to neutralise free radical damage.

Free radicals

Free radicals are atoms with a single, unpaired electron. They are said to cause ageing by destroying healthy cells and they develop via natural processes and external factors, such as smoking and stress. Centipeda Cunninghamii protects the skin from free radical damage, thus, making your complexion appear more youthful.

The benefits on the skin

Centipeda Cunninghamii is an extraordinary herb that has amazing benefits for your complexion.
  • calms irritation – irritated skin is soothed, while any redness is also reduced.
  • reduces inflammation – blemishes and breakouts are reduced for clearer and smoother skin.
  • renews skin cells – sun damage is repaired.
  • Protects from free radical damage – fine lines and wrinkles are less visible, and your complexion appears plump, healthy and radiant.

A safer alternative

Research studies have demonstrated that Centipeda Cunninghamii is a gentle plant extract which doesn’t cause irritation or other side effects like AHA’s can. Alpha Hydroxy Acids can be very efficient in promoting a luminous, smooth complexion, however, there is a risk of redness, irritation, swelling and itching when used on the skin. AHA’s can also make the skin more sensitive to sunlight, so you need to ensure that sun protection is used after applying an AHA. Alternatively, Centipeda Cunninghamii is extremely gentle and safe, as well as being ideal for the most sensitive skin types. griffin+row only uses natural active ingredients with no artificial or harmful substances to ensure that you only receive the best skincare formulations to provide visible results.