How to boost your daily water intake for glowing skin

For our bodies, and skin, to function properly, we need adequate water intake. When you consider that the majority of our bodies are made of water – roughly 60% of it – it’s vital that we keep up our H2O levels in order for our skin to thrive. If you’re wondering just why water plays such an important role in our skin health, here’s some inspiration for you to up that water supply!

Banish dull skin

We know that our skin is made of cells, yet in order for these cells to effectively reproduce, they rely on hydration. Without an adequate supply, their regeneration process is slowed and cell turnover is greatly decreased. This leads to dull skin. Boost your water intake and you’ll boost your cell turnover. Hello, glowing complexion!

Dehydrated = vulnerable

If we allow our skin to become dehydrated it is far more prone to damage. This damage can make room for foreign particles to pass into your skin which, in turn, can lead to irritation and breakouts. Hydration makes for stronger, more flexible skin and that means better protection at a surface level. While it’s easy to say that we’ll drink more water, it is one health factor which is forgotten far too easily. Here are four quick and easy ways to introduce more H2O into your daily life and boost those hydration levels!
  1. Use an app – these days there are plenty of ‘reminder’ apps which help to give you a nudge when it’s time to have another glass of water such as this Alternatively, you can set multiple alarms on your phone throughout your day to remind yourself!
  2. Keep it by your side – investing in a quality water bottle that you can keep near you will make it easier to sip throughout the day. It can help to pick one that you find visually appealing as it will inspire you just that little more!
  3. Make it part of your skincare routine – introduce a glass of water into your morning and evening bathroom routine and you’ve got two extra glasses of water covered each day!
  4. Match your drinks –it’s about compromise. You can still enjoy that coffee or juice; just tick off one glass of water first. You will notice that the water tends to quench your thirst and you don’t need that follow up drink as much as you thought. In no time at all, water will be replacing those other beverages!
How are you going to increase that all-important water factor today?