Anti-ageing: is it ever too late (or too early)?

There is never a better time to start caring for your skin than now. At griffin+row, we believe skincare doesn’t need to be complicated or filled with fancy promises. It simply needs to be natural, nourishing and easy to implement in your daily routine. From the moment we’re in our 20s and move through the decades, our skin goes through a natural process which slowly deteriorates and ages our appearance. We love to embrace our age as it is a gift that not everyone receives. However, there are particular factors we can focus on which can slow down the ageing process and help us maintain smooth, glowing skin. It comes down to understanding how the skin works and the four primary causes of ageing.

Lack of hydration

As we age, our skin naturally loses its ability to hold as much moisture as it once did. It’s important to replenish the hydration which is vital for a plump and healthy skin. Yet there is some confusion as to how to do this. A moisturiser alone will not adequately hydrate as its primary role is to act as a barrier to stop any further moisture escaping from the surface. In actual fact, it ought to be using a two-step process; we need to add the much-needed hydration and then apply our moisturiser as a barrier to lock it in. Our griffin+row Hydrate has been developed to work with Nourish and Enrich to do just this!

Lack of oxygenation

We need oxygen for any living cell to function. By the age of 25, our skin oxygen levels begin to decline and, by the age of 40, we have lost about half of the skin’s ability to absorb, retain and utilise it! This leads to a reduction in nutrient delivery as well as decreased circulation and cell regeneration. The result is a dull complexion with more susceptibility to viral, bacterial and fungal infections. While a lack of sleep, stress and hormonal changes can all contribute to a decrease in oxygenation, you might also consider booking in for an oxygen facial as well as using ingredients that target the issue such as our centess+complex vitis vinifera and Lentinus edodes.

Free radical damage

Free radicals are atoms with an unstable number of electrons that are formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. These highly reactive radicals initiate a chain reaction within some important cellular components including our DNA or the outer cell’s membrane. Over time, free radicals can permanently affect our cell’s ability to regenerate which leads to damage and ageing, not to mention more concerning issues such as cancer and heart disease. Whilst our bodies have natural defence mechanisms against free radicals, we can give it a boost by replenishing it with anti-oxidants. These safely interact with the unstable electrons and stop the chain effect. A simple way to introduce more anti-oxidants in your day is to eat plenty of colourful foods such as berries and indulge in the griffin+row skincare regime morning and night.

Diminished collagen

Collagen, the fibrous protein which gives the skin its structure and firmness, begins to slow down in production as we age. The result is that we lose the structural integrity of our skin. It becomes brittle, less flexible and prone to breakage while outwardly it appears less supple and more prone to sagging and wrinkles. Our centess+complex bioactive ingredient Undaria pinnatifida works to preserve the healthy framework of the skin due to its ability, among other things, to preserve hyaluronic acid – a major moisture retention agent that is also a key component in the extracellular matrix. By focusing on these key four areas responsible for the ageing of your skin, it is possible to implement ways in which to slow and prevent them. At griffin+row, each of our natural active ingredients has been carefully chosen to address these factors while lovingly caring for and protecting your skin.