Transform your skin in 28 days

My partner started commenting on my skin after 3 days, saying that my skin looks glowing. I’m happy that my skin feels nicer and that I’ve had such a fast and good response from the product.

- Susan F -

Let’s be honest, we all want better skin. The good news – with the right care, good skin is more attainable than you think. We are talking about skin that is so flawless, you can ditch your foundation in 28 days. Everybody can do it.

How? Firstly, we need to understand the issues that need to be addressed:

  • Oil imbalance – either too much oil (as in acne and breakouts) or too little oil (as in dry skin).
  • Skin dehydration – often caused by the environment and oil imbalance.
  • Skin sensitivity – often caused by the chemicals we put on our skin.

The causes behind these issues can be numerous and varied. Genetic (a family history), changed hormone balance, unsuitable skincare, weather patterns, inappropriate diet, too much alcohol, excess sun exposure, ageing, fragrances or other harmful chemicals applied to the skin.

Whatever the reason, griffin+row skincare will address these issues with powerhouse ingredients that ensure that your skin gets exactly what it needs, to make it better for good.

Want skin that looks like 30 at 40, like 50 at 60? It’s possible.

Here is how to participate in the 28 day skin transformation challenge

1. Drop current skincare

Cease using your current skincare routine. During the next 28 days, our aim is to desensitise your skin by keeping it away from anything with potentially harsh or harmful chemicals.

2. Use griffin+row exclusively

For the next 28 days, we do ask you to use griffin+row exclusively because griffin+row products have been designed to work synergistically and will provide all that the skin needs.

3. Create a habit

Maintain our simple 5-minute twice daily skincare routine. Most people will see initial results within 5 days, but it is normal that there is a plateau after around 10-14 days. Once you get through that, your skin will get better every day.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the product! Love the routine. Simple. Easy. And because it is simple and easy, I don’t skip my evening routine where I might have in the past.

- Michelle G -

griffin+row starter kit

Each griffin+row product has a particular role and prepares the skin for the next skincare step. Products work best when used together. The griffin+row starter kit includes the complete system, with everything you need packed in a convenient bonus bag.

So how will griffin+row benefit my skin?

1. It will desensitise your skin

Skin sensitivity is often caused by environmental factors, including chemicals and synthetic fragrances in skincare. They make your skin hypersensitive. The challenge is to desensitise your skin. How? Remove all sensitisers from your skincare routine, including the following:
  • Artificial fragrance and colouring
  • Parabens and harmful synthetics
  • Harsh chemicals that upset your skin’s natural balance and protective acid mantle, including harsh cleansers and exfoliants
griffin+row products contain only good ingredients, including ingredients with anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, and antioxidant properties. Nutrition for your skin.

2. It will hydrate your skin

Oil in your skin protects against dehydration and sensitivity. Ageing skin produces less oil, contributing to further skin ageing, including visible lines and wrinkles. The challenge is to supplement the skin with healthy oils. How?

3. It will protect your skin

Airborne pollution including smoke, car exhaust and industrial emissions have been scientifically proven to cause dark spots on your skin, one of the tell-tale signs of ageing. The challenge is to keep pollutant particles from being absorbed into your skin. How?
  • Physically remove pollution from your skin by cleansing twice per day using griffin+row Cleanse.
  • Apply antioxidant-rich moisturisers Nourish and Enrich to the surface of your skin, forming a barrier of protection to neutralise free radicals.

With other ranges, it feels like I would get great results in the beginning, when I started a new range, and then after a few weeks, the skin goes back to its original state. With griffin+row, it feels like results are being maintained.

- Kathy R -

Ingredients that transform your skin

Don’t believe marketing hype …

Supermarket skincare brands probably won’t hurt you, but they don’t do anything good for your skin either. Good ingredients are expensive, and cheap brands are unlikely to contain enough of them, despite the marketing hype.

Some products can do real harm to your skin, such as cleansers that contain SLS, an ingredient so cheap that it is commonly found in cleaning products, or artificial fragrances in skincare products, the number one skin allergen and sensitiser.

Department store products would often be a good choice if it wasn’t for inflated retail markups. Think about how much time and money you can save following our simple skincare routine – with the same or better results.

At griffin+row, the product development journey always starts with the ingredients. We produce naturally effective skincare, free of harmful chemicals. This means: no artificial colouring, no artificial fragrance, no parabens, no harmful chemicals and no animal products. Instead, we use ingredients such as the ones below:

Fragonia Essential OilCentipeda CunninghamiiShiitake MushroomAustralian SandalwoodWakame SeaweedRed Grape VineAloe VeraMacadamia Nut OilJojoba OilAvocado OilRosemary ExtractShea ButterRosehip OilLavender Essential OilPink GrapefruitOrganic BergamotSweet Orange OilSweet Almond OilGrapefruit Seed ExtractDamask RoseSoybean Oil

Our simple 5-step skincare system

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